Meet Holly Homer, a loving wife, mother of three, and overnight sensation in the mommy blogging community. Now a Facebook advertising expert, Holly walks us through her journey from blogging as a hobby to leveraging her online success in order to build a business focused on running multiple websites. Holly is best known for KidsActivities.com and as co-author of two books: 101 Kids Activities that are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! and The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments. Listen as Holly teaches you how to use Facebook Live to grow your business, and how to properly go about implementing live streaming into your marketing plan so that you can increase your rate of client conversion.


Podcast Highlights:

Holly discusses the blog she runs called “Quirky Momma” and her website “kidsactivites.com”. They work as a resource for over  3.2 parents looking to discover fun things to do with their kids and includes post based on advice for fellow parents (1:15)


Eric and Holly discuss the intimidation that comes with recording a video live, and how you can work to get over the fears that come from speaking live in front of others, both in video and in person (3:50)


(11:05) Holly answers the million dollar question: “Why is Facebook live so important for businesses?”


Holly teaches us from her own experience how you can get conversation going on your first few Facebook live videos to create a connection between you and your audience (19:54)


Find Holly’s contact information so you can reach out to her with any questions you might have (21:43)


What you will learn:

Holly credits live video with helping her gain over 3.2 million online fans because of the creative interaction it allows between her and her audience and highlights Facebook live as being part of her online marketing strategy for gaining new fans (1:38)


We learn from the Facebook expert herself what Facebook Live is, how you can use to market yourself,  and why she believes it is so effective as a marketing strategy (2:08).


Holly tells us the story of how she got over her fears of public speaking and her journey to becoming an expert in doing Facebook live videos and a now  in demand public speaker (6:04)


Holly breaks down step by step how to go about doing your first Facebook live video, and gives us examples on how to get comfortable with the camera for those first starting out so that they can create a meaningful connection with their audience (8:19).


Get a break down of the best way to share and get views on your Facebook live video once it has been recorded, and how to deal with those internet trolls that come along when opening up yourself to a wider audience than before  (13:14)


Holly shares with us her essential “5 steps to doing Facebook Live” so you can start your live stream today (17:20)




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