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Stephanie has three businesses. Time management skills, delegations, and how she got started down her entrepreneurial path, as well as her favorite blogs, were big topic focuses for this podcast. She is a nurse practitioner who started her own business in the middle of 2015. Stephanie saw her passion was in health care and integrated medicine, and decided to go down the line of starting her own business, seeing different needs in the IV nutritional and supplemental worlds. Then, she created to other LLCs. She is currently the owner of three LLCs.

  1. How does she manage her time?

 -Doing it this way made more sense for her because of taxes–> “hire a good accountant that can lead you to best manage of your business”=her biggest advice

-Finding time management skills has been a balanceà most important issues get tackled first, and then as she expands and grows, so do her businesses

-All three businesses are under one roof:

  1. Balance Integrated Health and Wellness (main business)=sees patients as a clinical provider; accepts insurance
  2. IV Nutritional Therapy (cancer patients and patients with auto immune diseases; IV nutritionist; cash-based practice)
  3. Supplement line that she recently developed (reached out to do whole-sale at a local business)


  1. Delegations?

Stephanie’s advice: “80 percent of your business does not require you. Stick to the 20 percent that does and hire awesome people to do the rest!”

*Balancehealth.meàher main page

*The Healthy Practitioner on Facebook and Instagram

*A need and passion for her own health started her entrepreneurial journeyà no fear behind her*

-Tough things for this entrepreneurial business: easy to get sidetracked from tasks in front of you

-The best thing to do as an entrepreneur is doing what makes you happy

  1. Best piece of advice she has received?


Take care of you (female entrepreneurs are stressed to maximum)

-As a health care practitioner, she recommends to her patients and others to distress whenever possible

Meditation and “me time”à take time to be with ourselves and to heal ourselves

       2. Cool blogs or digital tools that she is using?


-Daren Hardyàleadership entrepreneur that she has followed from the very start

-Listens to health podcasts

-Currently listening to an audible book: The Big Leapà being in your “zone of genius”


* “when we are hot and on a role, the universe brings us back down” (getting over that part and leaping into our genius zone is the goal)

*can have anything we want because failure does not have to come with it

*can always be in this “good zone”

       3. Her coach?


-Recently hired a coach about a month ago

-She felt like she could offer more and could not do by herself anymore (was not/ is not afraid to ask for help)

-Stephanie says that we cannot always do everything by ourselvesà we need a new outside perspective and have to become comfortable with accepting help from others (cannot fear spending money and not getting anything “in return”à get past our ego to succeed and go further in our journeys)

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