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Calli is the founder and creative director of “Something Social,” a social media and creative agency. The BIG topic for this podcast is Instagram-how to tell your brand story, consistency (specifically by finding your voice and engaging your audience), as well as how to learn to “stay in your lane.” Calli did not have a set career path or industry she wanted to be in growing up. Having a lot of different internships across industries, she went to USB, majoring in communication, but always found interpersonal communication most interesting. Out of college, about four years ago, her first job was at a boutique social media firm. She ended up working in social media and fashion, specifically. Coincidentally, she was taking spin classes at a local studio, and when they approached her, they asked for her help with consulting and strategy work. Calli then decided to open and start her own firm, and she has been doing client services for about 3.5 years now, working across many different industries. At the day of the day, Calli and her team have to give a lot of time allocation and resources specific to each client, finding the balance between what the clients want, while still making sure her/her team’s expertise is being put to best use.


*Her agency’s website: somethingsocial/LA.com

*Instagram: @Calli

* Thought behind posting cool content and photosàpeople do not realize how hard it is until they have to do it themselves




  1. Telling Your Brand Story

-you are trying to tell your brand’s story

-NOT Instagram stories, but your brand narrative

-content, voice, imageryàtelling your audience who you are


  1. Consistency is key

visuals and aesthetic (color pallet and editing) must follow a pattern

-you have a split second for user to decide if they will want to follow you

“3 scrolls and you are out” rule


  1. Finding your voice

-finding out who and how you/ your brand want to be perceived as: one who shares tips, what tone do you want to have in your captions, etc.

if your brand is a person, how would “it” speak?

-people expect consistency in tone and in your postsàdo not change who you are because you may lose followers

-create a voice that is unique to you


  1. Engaging with audience (probably most important)

-social media is a social platform

not a “one way conversation”

-brands that communicate with audiences are the ones that succeed the most

-engage and form more brand loyalty with brand audience (comment and respond to people that engage with you, and also, target an audienceàfind relevant brands and people depending on your brand location, posts, what you are selling/what your brand is representing etc.)


  1. “Stay in your lane and do you”

do not look at what other brands and people are doingà will ruin your brand identity

-you can be inspired by brands and others, but “YOU DO YOU”

focus on your brand and keep doing it over and over againàright followers will come with time


2018 Recommended Frequency Postings On Instagram and Social Media Platforms:


-frequency depends on what content you are posting

do not post for the sake of posting

quality over quantity

-less about frequency and more about the quality

*do not go under one post a day, but do not go much higher than that, just for the “sake of posting”




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