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Background Information:

Alison is a blogger who has also turned into a business owner. This podcast mentions five tips, including surveying and how to get over a fear of posting “not perfect” products out there in marketing PR/ figuring out your audience, what her favorite blogs are, and new digital tools. She is the creator of “Get Your Pretty On.” Her blog caters to women who “are stuck in a fashion rut,” providing style advice to those who want to rediscover and rebuild their wardrobe. As a telecom engineer (Corporate America) for 14 years, her business was “an accident.” She worked from home for about six months, since she is a mother of three. However, she saw a decline in the way she was taking care of herself, her home, and her family, realizing that she stopped getting ready in the mornings and changed her daily routine. She missed that routine. Therefore, the blog was an accountability partner for herself, and when she began posting easy outfits on her blog, she found that a huge population of women were just like her, looking for resources that she was providing on her blog. Within six months to a year, she starting getting 50,000 page views a month, and her business has increased substantially since then. Her business has been running for about four years now.


  1. How did you transition from being a blogger and turning your blogging into a business?


Alison took a voluntarily layoff from her job in Corporate America, having about a year of severance to make her blogging “work.” She consulted with a career counselor, who said her blogging was a “great thing,” but Alison realized she did not make much money out of her blogging during this year. Traditional blogging business models are sponsored posts, advertisements, and affiliate links. She was doing all three, but in year two of blogging, she still only made about 6,000 dollars, knowing this would not be viable business option. Therefore, she decided to reach out to her readers, creating a reader survey, and asked them what they wanted. Then, she got the idea to start her business. Her “business” is “the style challenge.” The style challenge is her online personal styling program, where every season, she creates a shopping list of trends and basics for everyone that signs up for it. It includes links to online stores where she has done research and found reliable products, and every day for a month, her subscribers get an e-mail in their mailbox with outfits that she comes up with using the pieces on their shopping list. Each piece is paired up in 4-5 different ways, creating numerous outfit ideas. Since then, her blog has become a community of women, women who come together to make real life friendships and share shopping tips.

Alison’s BIG 5 TIPS


  1. Getting customer feedback and do surveys

-Find out what services people are willing to pay you for

-For Alison, she provides outfit ideas along with a shopping list (users can know what items to buy while still being on top of all the trends)


  1. Keep refining your product

-Add technology

-Alison’s year 1 was figuring out what her blog would be; her Year 2 was gaining a technological perspective on her business


  1. “Do not be afraid to put a product out there that might not be perfect yet”

-Keep refining your products

-Make them better and better with time
“Done is better than perfect”


  1. Marketing

-Getting products in place is step 1 first

Referral programsà free marketing tactic (have your customers refer your page and products to others)

-Mom bloggers=one of Alison’s top collaboration partners (look at complimentary strategies firstà do not just work with people in the same niche as you)

-Find free marketing resources and then bring in someone who is good at putting together ads if you need better marketing strategies


  1. Figure out where your customers “hang out”

-Know the average age of your top customersàher customers are over 40 years old (Alison is 40)

Facebook marketing (her ads are mostly out there)

-Focus on your main social media stream and build that one

Do not have to be on every social media possible

-Pinterest is also big for Alison’s business

-Look at statistics and Google Analytics (click-through rates and conversion rates)


More about Alison:


*Learn more about Alison by visiting her blogàgetyourprettyon.com (she is still the face of her blog)

*Has been blogging for over 5 years

*Does makeup and beauty on her blog as wellàfeatures guest speakers who are experts in their field

*Visit stylechallenges.com

*Men’s wear capsules, Back-to-school capsules, French minimalist capsules

*Seasonal capsule wardrobes are most popular on her blog

*Great place to rediscover style


  1. Her favorite blogs?


-Reads a lot of business blogs

-Tries to stay out of the style blogging world because it influences her too much and she wants her ideas to be unique and creative

Steff Gordonà her top business blogger that she listens to

-Also reads blogs on real estate investing

-Alison stay on top of business more than fashion because she wants to stay true to who she is “style wise”

*She did not start out as a business owner, so she reads a book a week, while trying to learn something new everyday


Digital apps she uses?


-Has Asana (for projects)

*Has 7 employees all spread over the USA, so this app helps them stay connected

-Uses the app called CoScheduleà links into Alison’s WordPress blog and automatically schedules social media posts every time she posts a blog (links into Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

*This app also schedules things to post when her followers are most active during the day


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