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Background Information:

             Bri is an inspirational woman who supports other women in bringing their visions to life. This podcast is about entrepreneurship, specifically the journey versus the destination. She has been an entrepreneur for the last decade, but about two and a half years ago, she got an internal message to shut down her fashion brand. Entrepreneurship is more of a journey than destination, she says, so it was time to start something new. She started a coaching business and has started doing podcasts as well. She is a “Renaissance woman” who is on this life journey.


*Find her on FB, Instagram, and on her website: Bri Seeley

*Her book is also on Amazon and Kindle


Advice to start something and transition out?

Start now- do not wait. Begin exploring and find what lights you up/excites you. Whether it is a new job or starting entrepreneurship, open up to the possibilities and opportunities, and approach them from an empowered place.


Does she read any blogs?

 She does not, but she reads articles. She does not follow anyone too closely because her job is thought-based. If her thoughts are influenced or colored by someone else’s energy or ideas, it could influence how she coaches or approaches her clients. She has to keep her energy clear, and since her business is operated from a place of guidance rather than research, she does not want her message or influence to be colored by someone else.


 What was her sequence on her journey?

She has been speaking for a while, starting back when she had her fashion business. During that time, she was also mentoring people. Within her coaching business, the coaching came first, and then the speaking and writing. She has been writing for years, and the book she recently wrote, came from a place of meditation. A lot of ideas for her business have come from mediation and a higher power.


What is her book about?

 It is called “Permission To Leap.” It is for any broad leap a person is about to take. She mentions the six phases/stages that are consistent in any leap process. It launches on Amazon on November 14th.


Primary strategy for her book launching?

200 people said yes to reading it a month early, writing Amazon reviews and leaving feedback. She has a campaign for it as well, and even secret Facebook groups that share it. She is doing blogging about it, interviews, and is speaking at universities as well. It secretly launches about four days early, but it publically launches the 14th. Her goal is to have at least 100 reviews before it launches.


The writing process was done ahead of time-she wrote everything and her job was to get out of her own way, letting the information flow through her as she was writing. There is psychology and quantum physics in it as well, but the majority came in a meditative state. She did a pre-launch and a couple 100 people ordered her book in paperback already. The original launch was supposed to be on November 1, but she needed more time. Then, she wanted the launch to be on November 11, but that did not work since it was a weekend. The book officially launches on November 14 and that became the final date after a member of her team accidentally wrote that day instead of November 13.






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