Whitney Reynolds

Background Information:

Whitney is the host of the “Whitney Reynolds” show on PBS, has a radio segment on the weekends, and is part of Chicago Women’s Magazine. She is dedicated to provoking positive change through tough topics, especially by making goals and steps/tips/hacks to change your life. Most importantly, she backs up women entrepreneurs.

She moved to Chicago ten years ago, having the dream of becoming a talk-show host. After finishing school, she became a TV news anchor show host. When she moved to the Windy City, she had zero connections, only having a dream and vision to become a host for her own talk show. When first starting, she called her new talk show: “Weekends with Whitney.” She got picked up by NBC within a year, and then PBS shortly afterwards. It took a lot of hard work and dreams to get the show where it is today.


Why the strategic move from NBC to PBS?

NBC had a secondary channel and that is how Whitney started her show, but she wanted more. She kept her eyes up to figure out where she needed to be. Her show became a topic-based program that to this day is dedicated to change. She talks about issues that bring bigger change and what people need to hear about. Her vision for the talk show has changed over the years, as she has become more well rounded in her hosting abilities, learning new things every year. It was hard for her to go an anchor news host who simply told stories, to becoming a talk show host. She needed to learn how to talk about how these stories unfolded, not just simply reporting the stories like she previously had done.

Alongside her talk show, she does morning weekend radio shows for iHeart Radio on 93.9 and KissFm. It is called “Whitney’s Women,” and talks about how women give back with their platforms. She highlights those females that have given back in Chicago and around the world, praising them for all they do and have done.


Favorite blogs?

She does not read any blogs because they tend to make her “hyper, since everyone has their own method of how to get to where they are.” She is big about being self-driven and identifying goals. She has both work goals and personal goals, making sure she accomplishes them slowly but steadily.

She uses apps, like a list app, to check things off. Also, technology is a big reason for her successes today. She uses Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, reaching her followers through her brand messaging. She talks about herself, her family, and even her work. When moving here, she struggled to find her group, but once she decided to share her story, she knew people would join her movement.


Does she have Facebook show?

People can subscribe to it, but she does not have it. She started on YouTube, but it went to PBS. However, she is still on YouTube, because she is big on “having a place to push people.” Content is king, she says, but one must be careful where/what platform to point the audience towards.


Market research?

Instagram video works really well for her. As entrepreneurs, you have to figure out what works for you. She always sends personal messages, and always wants people to shift their perspective. “Dream with your eyes wide open,” she says.


*On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube: Whitney Reynolds

*On Monday night on Lake Shore PBSà talk show



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