When it comes fashion blogging, working Instagram as your very own online magazine is one of the key aspects to help you grow your following. No one knows this better than Elina Cassell, a Swedish Native who has successfully used social media and blogging as the driving force behind growing not only her online following but also her influence as a designer. She has successfully created an Instagram with thousands of followers, while coming out with a collection of uniquely designed handbags, to now working on her second collection of designs- a men’s fashion line. Her journey of online growth and prosperity is an interesting one- a sure-fire learning experience with lessons along the way for how you can start to grow your brand’s online presence, but also keep old and new followers alike coming back for more of your appealing content.

Biggest Takeaways:

Getting into the handbag industry can be challenging, but collaborating with an already established brand can help you gain exposure as an up and coming designer while allowing you to see if there is a market for the type of designs you bring to the table (3:06)

Listening to yourself and the people around you can often time be the motivation you need to dive into a new project. Hear about how Elina’s belief in her own design capabilities and listening to the advice of those around her led to leave her comfort zone and design her own line of men’s clothing ( 6:48)

Instagram has become one of the most prominent social media sites in the fashion blogging community. It allows bloggers to express their own unique style and stay in touch with new and old followers alike, with the end goal of having your Instagram page become your very own type of online magazine. Elina tells us how image quality, style consistency, and color combination are the three most important factors when deciding what she puts on her own Instagram account, and how this strategy has allowed her to gain a large following and support for her various fashion lines (10:11).

Elina uses our “On Minute Mindset Question” portion of the episode to advise us on one thing she wished she knew before starting her own fashion line, and the realities of how she juggles being a full-time mom and business owner (12:25)

Podcast Highlights

Elina discusses how she turned her passion for designing into her own successful line of hand bangs, and the importance of working the (fashion) contacts you know so you can grow your hobby into a career (2:59)

Learn about what inspires Elina the most when she is creating designs for her handbag collection and her up and coming men’s fashion line. Her unique take on texture and color gives us insight on what makes her different as a designer, and what sets apart her fashion lines from the rest. (4:10)

Trends and styles vary from country to country, a focal point in this podcast episode as Elina discusses the biggest difference between European and American Fashion from her “Scandinavian” point of view (5:12).

Elina teaches us how she markets her brand through Instagram and her advice on putting in the effort to grow your online following before coming out with any of your own fashion lines/products. (7:50)

Elina answers “one-minute mindset questions” where we learn about her morning routine as a busy mom and business owner, while she discusses the reality of the time and money needed to successfully launch a fashion and handbag line (12:30).

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