In 2013, Jessica founded Interview Connections. After that, she has grown her business to have a team of 6 full-time in-house team members. Her organization is located on Road Island where she currently lives. Jessica began podcasting in 2014 with the launch of #RockThePodcast and also co-hosts The Podcast Producers.  Jessica is the acclaimed author of Interview Connections: How to #RockThePodcast From Both Sides of the Mic! She has been featured as a speaker at Podcast Movement, Podfest.us and Dream Business Academy. Jessica’s married, a mother of two young children, and originally from Philadelphia, her motivation for starting her own business centered around her wish to become a stay-at-home mom.

Introduction to Podcasts
When Jessica Rhodes was pregnant with her first child, she worked full time for a non-profit organization. Jessica began working as a virtual office assistant where she booked podcast interviews. Without a doubt, her father became her initial client as he referred many of her previous clients. (2:53)

She had roughly 30 clients, and she booked them for podcast interviews. At the time, there was no one else booking interviews for podcasts. In fact, it became a brand-new field for podcasters as well as entrepreneurs. Most importantly, Jessica recognized the demand and realized how much it was growing and expanding. For numerous business owners, podcasts became another valuable way to progress brands, deliver general messages, and enhance targeted audiences. (3:17)

The Entrepreneur Mentality
Jessica Rhodes reached a point where she wanted to make more money and expand her company without working longer hours or charging more per hour. Not only did she have a job, but she became her own boss, which was wonderful. But still, Jessica needed to work hours to have a decent income. Admittedly, she wanted to be the kind of business owner, who could improve her income without charging outrageous prices. Because of this, she created Interviewconnections.com, designed package deals, and flat rates. And so, she could hire people, scale her establishment, and progress without working more hours neither. (3:52)

Can It Enhance Your Business?
Overall, Jessica doesn’t consider herself as an individual in the podcast business but in the business of connections and relationships. When she’s working with other business owners, she’s investing in relationships, building bonds, and vice versa. As a case in point, if she was in traditional media, getting people exposure to larger audiences on television or the news is a different kind of work than connecting people for a 30-second conversation on skype or over the phone. Generally, when her clients see growth and success, it’s from the bonds they have created with her. Plus, Jessica makes referrals and introduces her clientele to other business owners. As equally important, Jessica generates other essential connections and helps entrepreneurs receive more exposure, as they discuss business, products, and services. In addition, building relationships are one main factor Jessica focuses on because companies would be nothing without general connections and the process of networking. (5:58)
Successful Podcasts
Furthermore, Jessica could get technical and discuss how some people in the podcast business worry about having the best guest, microphone or scheduling software. People have to keep in mind that the importance of podcasts depends on relationships. Your mission or focus should be on the relationships you want with other businesspeople, your client, and your targeted audience. But besides bonds and relationships, optimistic attitudes, persistence, and staying positive are uncontrollable factors, but they are great traits for businesspeople to have, so this is exactly the kind of energy she’s seeking from employees. So, she wants individuals that have a positive attitude and remain optimistic. (7:08)

Hosts usually aren’t the ones receiving all the praise and glory, but it’s the guest, the talent she finds for interviews. She still finds joy in searching for and booking the talent regardless. In fact, she has clientele she booked about three years ago, and Jessica sees all the positive proceedings underway because of Interview Connections. (8:23)

Jessica’s Moment Of Recognition
Jessica was booking interviews and her client was the podcast host. Jessica was finding guests for his show. Eventually, Jessica booked his guest for his podcast. She noticed that he actually landed or booked two shows. He interviewed one of his guests she booked for him. Surprisingly, the interview led to her blogging on her clients site. Not only that but she also spoke at his conference with 2,000 attendants. From discovering this woman’s website and thinking she would be an awesome guest on her client’s show, this interview and the events to follow showed how she was a well-known speaker at his conference. It felt amazing for Jessica because she was the one who had the connection and discovery 30 years ago. (9:18)

Interview Connections
Interview Connections works on both sides of the mic. Many of her clients happen to be hosts or guest experts as well. They find and discover shows for other clients. Interview Connections focuses on making bonds and special relationships on both ends of the rope. Most importantly, this brings Jessica Rhodes joy to see what happens in other people’s lives and businesses. Success occurs because of the connections her business has found. Look at it this way. She’s kind of playing matchmaker being able to have an eye for talent and a gift to bring businesspeople together. (10:14)

How To Connect
Interview Connections and Jessica’s performance, it often saves people the time and energy to have to do the work themselves, but of course, everyone has the opportunity to complete these tasks independently. However, working with Interview Connections is a time saver. Generally, it will only take longer when people try to make connections and network on their own. When you’re an entrepreneur, you should and need to focus on other significant tasks and responsibilities for your establishment. Realistically, there is only so much one individual can do, entrepreneurs or otherwise. Interview Connections has a website, blog, and case studies, so people can easily find and connect with them. They have different shows and guests that they worked with previously (11:53)

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