Victoria Reitano’s a digital expert with 10 years of experience in managing tasks anywhere from organic Facebook content and social media ads. If the assignment is digital, you can count on Victoria Reitano to complete the task. In fact, she has worked with brands in the television space like ABC Live with Kelly and Michael, Telepictures Bethenny, and even collaborated with Bethenny Frankel. Not to mention, Victoria interacts with different brands, entrepreneurs, small businesses, authors, and influencers to create brands that convert. (1:56)

The Start of Victoria’s Success
Victoria admits to being lucky. She graduated from college at an opportune time. Plus, companies wanted to hire her because she was young and had digital skills. She also mentions that she’s a trained journalist and believes in ethical content creation. In other words, she checks her resources and doesn’t reuse information. Victoria started as a journalist because she has always been a natural-born storyteller. (2:39)

Content Marketing Strategy
Victoria discusses the power of three. They are huge concepts you must consider:
1. Every person is a brand but every brand isn’t a person. So, who or what is your brand?
Keep in mind that a brand can be an object or a person whether if it’s you, your company or just your digital representation as Victoria describes it. It’s important to think about how your brand is going to speak to your ideal client or audience. Is it going to be I, we, they, or us, and what will be your brand’s voice? Will it be funny or serious? These are essential factors one needs to consider.
2. Finding your Fives
Victoria explains how this is one of her favorite tips to share. To begin with, it’s something she has been mentioning for a very long time now. Find the five brands, people, or editorial companies you would like to be like in the next five years or so. Try to see this as a digital influence. You may like the way they handle their Instagram or you like how they connect with their Facebook followers. However, they motivated you or caught your attention, pick your top five and use these brands to guide and inspire you, not to reuse and plagiarize them.
3. Pick your own fat three
The pick your own fat three refers to three networks you will rotate to reach your brand goals. Victoria explains that everyone should have a placeholder. But if someone isn’t a fan of blogging, then perhaps he or she should reconsider joining Instagram. Don’t let the process of social media networks frustrate you. Maybe they’re not for you, and that’s okay. (5:17)
Matching Your Brands With The Right Networks

Your Top Three Platforms
Discovering the most suitable networks for your brand may vary. You have to think strategically about what your brand objectives are. In the beginning, Victoria stated that she builds brands that convert without clarifying what she even meant by the statement. A lot of times with buzzwords, the general public might say conversion. Well, that means money, and conversion doesn’t always mean money, influencers don’t always mean followers, and a big brand doesn’t always scream follower-to-client or follower-to-customer. It’s about getting clarity on what you want.
For example, if you want to be a brand ambassador, then Instagram is the channel for you. If you’re into advertisements, then you should probably use Facebook to your advantage. Additionally, Facebook and Instagram go hand-in-hand but many people don’t always do as well on Facebook as they do on Instagram. (6:42)

Target Focus
Victoria states that if her audience was centered around female entrepreneurs, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest would be the top best platforms to use to connect with her targeted audience. Pinterest is a massive traffic driver. If you want to grow your Instagram, you can use Pinterest to help drive more traffic to your other social platforms. (9:14)
As for her favorite blogs, she mentions two of her own. The first blog is for female entrepreneurs and career entrepreneurs called Vix in the City. She touches on some cool tools here, but her favorite tool would have to be the Last Pass. It allows people to store their passwords, and if they want to pay the yearly price of $9.99, it saves them from having to keep signing in and out. The second blog is CreatiVix Media. This is where she focuses on all things digital. (11:09)

Social Media Tools
As for social networks, Victoria uses sprout and paid tools like Schedugr.am. What’s so awesome about schedugr.am? The app helps you plan out your content as it posted for you on Instagram. With building an Instagram, the biggest challenge for a person is staying consistent and remembering to post. But with Schedugr.am, you don’t have to worry about this issue. (11:39)
It’s not in violation of Instagram’s terms and services. They actually use devices like iPhones and Androids to post for you on the platform. So, for Victoria, it’s the best tool out there. She generally uses Schedur.am for her high-profile clients. She has been using it since 2014. It’s a really great app and her absolute favorite. It’s the most powerful tool, but it’s also very time-consuming.
In 2017, Victoria wanted to improve her personal Instagram because she often focused on building other people’s digital Destinies. It felt like she was leaving hers in the wind. Although she had 2,000 followers on Instagram, this year she was aiming to hit the ball out of the park. Now she has 12.5 followers and broke 10,000 within the first six months of 2017. (13:02)

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