Jessika Phillips is an entrepreneur who went to social after getting laid off from her job. She worked for telecommunications and worked her way up from customer service to sales and continued to move up from there. She began to think about her dream job and began freelancing and offering her services to companies who wanted to grow their social media presence. In 2016, she was named one of the Top 12 Global Rising Stars on Social Media to Watch.

Podcast Highlights

(1:04) “Focusing who’s already in your tribe and already in your circle. How can you double down on the relationships you have with people to make sure they’re long-term relationships.”

(4:00) “Something clicked. These brands that I’ve been working with they had to rely on their relationships. A lot of them started relying on social to get their marketing messages out because they didn’t have a big budget to buy television campaigns or radio spots or billboard or anything that cost a lot of money. They just used themselves, some creativity, and some nice social media engagement to grow their brand. I thought I could help them do this and I think I can turn this into a business.”

Relationship Marketing Funnel

1. (5:50) Planning: defining ideal audience and goals “Who are we?”
2. (8:40) Attracting: “Where are you going to set your magnet?” What is the message to attract potential clients and users?
3. (9:40) Converting: How are leads going to turn into customers? How does it convert to success?
4. (12:00) Engage: Do no stop marketing to your client/customer.
5. (13:00) Delight: Doing a little extra. Personalized gift or notes.
6. (13:30) Measure: Measuring results. Going back and seeing how things are doing and how they can improve.


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