Sean Cannell began his journey creating videos in 2003 by helping his local church. Six years later, he started his own business, Clearvision Media. His passion is to help people build their influence with online video. In this effort, he offers services such as assisting with behind-the-scenes strategy and shooting videos.

Podcast Highlights

Cannell became interested in video marketing through what he describes as a natural progression. Discover how he got his start and how he has seen success in fifteen years experience in video marketing (1:31).

Cannell explains how you can make better videos by following ThinkMedia and VideoInfluencers on YouTube (3:15).

Listen to how Cannell describes the differences between Facebook Watch and the success of YouTube (15:44).

Listen to Cannell’s response on whether it is better to have a YouTube channel with your business’ name or personal name (23:23).

What You’ll Learn

Cannell provides four helpful tips to create a strategy that will help you build real influence with video (4:11).

Develop Clarity

The first tip discussed is to define your target audience. You may want your business to appeal to everyone, because it would result in more attention. However, the case is actually quite opposite. Listen to Cannell discuss the danger of being too broad in who you are trying to reach through messaging (4:19).

Learn about another modern entrepreneur that has worked to develop a targeted audience for his business (4:55).

2) Think About Value Proposition

Once you have figured out who your target audience is, you need to think about your value to them. What content could you create that would make your channel worth following? For example, think about what guidance you could provide to assist them. Cannell believes that you need to be committed to creating valuable content even if it doesn’t result in business (5:47).

3) Commitment to Consistency

According to Cannell, we live in what he describes as a “microwave generation”. In other words, we live in a time of wanting everything right now. However, in order to be successful video, you must have patience. You must be willing to commit to sticking to the above two steps for the long haul. It is important to focus on building a presence over time instead of immediate results. Cannell also points out that you cannot build a reputation of consistency without time (10:01).

4) Put in the Work

The choice that some companies make to outsource social media is put into perspective. While Cannell understands that owners have a lot to handle to run a successful business. However, he believes that if you want to see success that you have to show up and be bought into the platform. He also points out that people know when all you are doing is recycling content or just getting content from elsewhere. The fact is that there is competition, and there are people who will put in the extra time to be bought into the platform. Therefore, if you want to stay relevant or ahead of the competition, it is something that you need to put time toward commonly (19:54).

How To Get Started

Cannell shares a tip of getting started on YouTube with a beta experimental phase.
During this phase, instead of focusing on building followers, you focus on things such as experimenting and finding a rhythm. This will allow you to see how much time and effort the process of creating a video takes. By setting aside time for this phase when your business is in obscurity, you will be prepared for when it gains attention. Once testing is over, you will be able to declare a schedule to your audience with confidence (12:45).

In more specific terms, Cannell recommends a minimum of producing a weekly video. Learn about why he suggests this schedule and hear him talk about a more consistent schedule (14:28).

Furthermore, the concept of quantity over quality in terms of content is discussed. Cannell reveals his opinion that quality trumps quantity, acknowledging many people think the opposite. Overall, he believes that overall high-quality content will receive more engagements and attention over time (14:50).

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