Janelle Brown is a certified Life Coach, Business Strategist, and has her own business called Fearfully Fashioned. Brown coaches women to fashion a life and vision that they and God love.Often women come to Brown when they’re not quite sure about their purpose, and she assists them by helping them find their purpose. Additionally, she commonly assists them by starting a blog for business or ministry if they wish to do so.

Podcast Highlights

Brown discusses how it is possible to start a business without a huge budget especially thanks to today’s improved technology (3:31).
The benefits of using Asana for project management are discussed. Additionally, Brown shares some of her other favorite tools that continue to help her along the way of owning her own business (8:51).
Find out how you can get in touch and learn more about Brown (11:14).

What You’ll Learn

Several tips are given in order to help women start their own business so that they can turn in their two weeks notice to their current job (2:17).

Tip 1: Your Mission and Branding

Being able to first determine the specific mission you want your business to achieve is how to start off strong when opening a business. Another way to think about this question is to ask yourself what gap you are trying to fill by opening your own business(4:27).

After determining the mission of your business it is important to focus on your brand. This determines how you and the impression that you want people to get your brand. (5:01)

Once you figure out branding for your business is when you can get a website started. You don’t have a lot of knowledge to first launch a website for your business. Similarly, you do not have to hire professionals to be able to build up your branding in the very beginning. (5:24)

Tip 2: Business Process

Brown provides prompting questions which clarify this step in the process. This step is where you think about how you will guide your clients through the process of the mission you are trying to achieve. During this step, you would also think about how you would gain the attention of brands if you are blogging or such ( 6:35)
Tip 3: Social Media Marketing

In this tip, Brown refers back to the main message, that there are many resources that entrepreneurs can use to be successful in this aspect. It can be both easy and affordable to manage the social media pages for your business without hiring a team to do so for you .(7:35)

Tip 4: Blogging
A blog is a free marketing tool that you can use to promote your message. Gain insight as to how you can stay organized and ahead of the game by listening to the strategies that Brown uses for the blog for her own business.( 8:18)

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