Pauline Stockhausen has been a Social Media Strategist for the last nine years. A job that is so perfect that she feels it is as if she designed it for herself, her position has her doing a variety of different things to help businesses. As a strategist, she helps businesses grow online. She does everything from storytelling, content, to digital marketing, blogging, and Facebook marketing. One of her favorite things about her job is that she has the opportunity to deal with clients all over the world.

Podcast Highlights
Stockhausen opens up about her background which included an art school and setting up a Facebook group for her small village and how it led her to where she is today in terms of social media and marketing (2:50).

Listen to the explanation Stockhausen provides as to why a Facebook group for Clever Stilettos would be a beneficial idea (11:24).

Listen to why Stockhausen believes why when on Facebook, you should focus on audience interests, not your business or making a sales pitch. (12:19).

The importance of having an e-mail list for your business is discussed and how Stockhausen has made a massive change in her own email marketing strategy (14:11).

What You’ll Learn

How Facebook Groups are Beneficial (6:02)

Facebook can be a great resource for those especially who are just starting their own business. There are many business coaches who have started groups and provide information to group members. Groups allow people to meet others who are interested in a similar topic. Also, from a business perspective, groups can allow owners to collaborate and network with people in their community.

3 Tips to Getting Started with Facebook Groups

Find Your Niche (6:24)

There are two ways that you can begin to find your niche through using Facebook groups. The first way is to start your own group. The second way is to explore groups that already exist and join them. After doing so, the next step is to get involved by and begin finding people that you can get to know and network with online in the group.

Be Authentic (7:34)
Stockhausen discusses the importance of networking online with people that you can meet in real life. It is necessary for this step of the process to stay true to who you are during online discussions. This will prevent the awkwardness and disappointment that comes when people find you are not what they expected

Keep People Entertained (9:52)

Eric mentions how he has joined Facebook groups excited in the past only to find out that there is nothing being posted and that there is no conversation.

Stockhausen mentions that owning a Facebook group can be hard work but there are several things that businesses can do to help people engage with their brand online.

1) Put in the Work Every day

You have to put in the work to your marketing strategy if you want to see results. To Stockhausen, this means being there 2 to 3 times a day to interact and ask questions to followers to continuously engage them. (9:58)

2) Think Outside the Box

In order to keep the interest of others, you have to think of doing something bold or different at times. This means at times to spend time thinking about new products or ideas that no one has seen before. (10:05)

3) Think of Your Business as a Television Series

Stockhausen often tells her clients that they need a beginning, middle, and end. This is because they need to take their customers on a journey to help them feel tied to the business and feel connected. By taking customers on a journey, it will make them interested in hearing more about the business over time (10:13).

Discover Your Business Content Pillars

Stockhausen discusses how having many content pillars will help with having an organized content strategy. She points out that different businesses will have different pillars. Two examples of pillars discussed include to educate or entertain (11:54).

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