Leela Cosgrove

Background Information:

Leela runs a sales and marketing consulting/ media business. She has been working in the business field for about fifteen years now, learning about marketing and sales when working in her apprenticeship in Australia. In 2009, she began doing her own events and programs, creating her own business. Starting with “less than zero,” she eventually had her husband join her in the business later on. All the projects they do are funded by the profit of their own sales. Today, their business is a seven-figure business.

At the start of her career, she was recommended and invited on a Virgin Unite trips. Branson, the organizer of this event, brings together the best people in every field, trying to make the world a better place. The event she was invited to was called “Disrupt For Good.” She met many influential people and speakers who cared deeply about changing the world and helping the planet.

Websites? Parts of her business?

  1. Strategic Anarchy
  2. 8 Percent (media part of her business)à top 8 percent of anybody in any industryàtheory that Cosgrove invented: there are 8 percent of people who are the best at what they do/excel in their fields (dedicated to their careers)

*Not all about money

“Creativity is the highest form of spirituality”-Cosgrove

(Eight Percent has been her creative outlet)


How did she start out?

Her big start was her apprenticeship. She went on Guru.com to try to find a job. She applied for a PA job, but was offered to do a writing job instead. Writing was her passion, but she knew she was not going to get very far as a fiction writer. She worked with her mentor for about four years. He was demanding, but she learned everything under his supervision. While working for him, she created an agency to create products for people. She started doing stage sales events (selling from stage on the spot) and people were asking her how to do it, NOT to do it for them. Stage sales are a hit and miss business, Cosgrove says. Eventually, with time, she became a coach and taught others to sell their products as well as she does.


What is her business known for?

             Most of the money made in her business is sales on the phone. Selling on the phone is very valuable because you can discuss the products through a one-on-one interaction, unlike stage sales.


What digital tools does she use?

She likes to read Ryan Holiday’s works. Additionally, she is a fan of author, Callum Newport. All the blogs/posts she reads are focused on creativity and work.


Tools she uses?

She does content creation using Scrivener. She wants to get rid of her iPhone to get an old Nokia to text and phone call ONLY. She wants “less connection, instead of more connection.” She no longer has the Facebook app on her phone because it took a lot of time out of her day. Additionally, she has a gotten a sense of personal peace from not feeding herself everyone else’s thoughts and opinions. She is deleting more than adding to her life right now.


How can you reach out to her?

She is the only Leela Cosgrove on the Internet!




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