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Background Information:

Arabelle is known in her community as an international speaker, high-performance coach, and a transpersonal coach. She helps people achieve, through the power of mindset, in both their lives and businesses. She has assisted individuals in building their businesses, saved lives as well as marriages, and even prevented people from going to prison.


Success of mindset and growing business?

Being a business owner, she predominantly works with women, but has helped men as well. She wants all people to understand that when they start their business, their external reality is a direct reflection of their internal reality. In order to create success/ a life by design or a business, we need to grow on ourselves first, working on our mindset. A business cannot grow if the individuals do not grow alongside it.


The two major reasons for people getting stuck in their businesses?


If we are stuck, it means that:


  1. We may be pushing ourselves too much to do something that is not in alignment with who we truly are

-If we are not aware of something, we tend to borrow people’s values (those that we look up to), minimizing ourselves in the end

-If we are not clear with what our values are and put certain role models/people on a pedestal, we start to inject their values into our systems, wanting things that they want because they are successful

-We are not running on our true, core values


  1. When stuck, one may not be allowing oneself enough space and rest in order to slow down the brain and create space for creativity to come in

– Yee is a “go-getter” and a driven person

-She implements things with speed, but over the years, she has realized that space is definitely needed at times

-Space is for relaxing and resting (self-care) through religion, mediation, or even yoga


Her blog?



Mental cost of owning a business?

We live in an age of social media. From a TED Talk, she quotes: “Leaders are readers, but most people read one book a year: Facebook.” We scroll through Facebook and see what other people are posting. Those people see the glory but not the story behind it, she says.

Additionally, Yee states that there is a side of running a business that is “not so beautiful.” From the productivity point of view, when we are doing things at a beginning stage, we do multiple things with a small capacity. At that phase, multitasking may not be the answer, as when we switch from one task to another, we lose 20% productivity. By the time we have switched at least five times, we lose 100% productivity.


Time management and block scheduling?

Yee plays around with time management. She loves multitasking, but has had to become disciplined to work on one task at a time. Every business owner needs to learn how to trust in others.


“If we do not trust other people, which part of ourselves are we not trusting that we cannot trust others?”


If you want to make sure your workers are doing everything right with your “name and brand,” systems, structures, and projects need to come in. You cannot jump straight into marketing. First, there are foundational steps that need to be taken.


“How can you have those systems, structures, and processes in place, in order to get evolved and refined over time?”


When you have everything in place, even if you are not good enough at something in your business, you can work on and delegate it. Since you have the systems and structures already there, you can make a plan and know what to deal with the parts of your business that need improvement. In the end, you may have to go through a few rounds to find the right people to help run your business.


How to learn more about Arabelle Yee?

Facebook: Arabelle Yee

Website: www.arabelleyee.com








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