Molly Rose Daly

Background Information:

Molly Rose has been working in the online space for about five years, taking her skills and what she has done for entrepreneurs, to start teaching others, mostly women, how to start their own virtual business.


How can you get over the beginning “hump” as an entrepreneur?

-Lose control–>every entrepreneur wants to do everything, but it is not the right tactic to do so

-To be successful, entrepreneurs need to let go and allow others to assist them (gain trust for employees)


Steps for becoming a virtual assistant?

-Identify your own skill sets or what you are passionate about (“sweet spot”)

-Can then find what you want to build a business around


Websites to find Molly Rose Daly?

academyforvirtualassistants.com OR mollyrosedaly.com


Top 5 tips or hacks for becoming/being a virtual assistant (VA)?

  1. If you are interested in becoming a VA, anyone can do it and in any capacity (mindset is key)
  2. Invest in yourself through education (escalate how fast you make money if you appear more professional and educated as a VA)
  3. Master your website (get a 3-5 page website about yourself, who you are and what you do, and how you can be reached/your brandingà people should be able to Google you to find you)
  4. Know your worth and recognize you have something valuable to give
  5. Systemize (have a system where everything is done for you to better complete your tasks)


How much to charge as a virtual assistant? Retainer vs. Project rates?

Retainer –>recurring payment that happens months on end (clients are charged the same amount every month) versus Project –>one time payment for client (client needs one big task done for a one set rate)

-As a VA, have a “protection plan”à can start charging hourly rate if you go over the hours you are scheduled to do per month



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