Becky is a second generation CEO who took over her family’s business in 2014 after her father passed away. With no formal education in the tie business, Becky set out to learn as much as she could from her father before his death and uses all the knowledge she learned from him to continue to run the family business. Learn from Becky and how her hands-on experience made all of the difference in the world when she was promoted to CEO from her hospital bed, two days after her second son was born.

Podcast Highlights:

Becky expands on her background in education, and the journey that took her from living in Chile to Chicago where she found her passion for the family business, Shop4ties.com.

Becky discusses with Eric the difficulties she has faced while being an entrepreneur and having to work with her family since it is a family owned and operated business (3:24)

Becky answers the question: “What advice/tips would you give to a woman who is working in a cubical right now and wants to move on and do her own thing?” (5:16)

Learn why being an entrepreneur means you get to know people from all walks of life (8:15)

Becky discusses how she began her company’s Facebook page upon her father’s death, and why it is so important to stay active on that type of social media platform (10:28)

Becky discusses blogging and other tools she recommends to new entrepreneurs (13:18)

Find out how to reach Becky and where you can get your next custom tie (14:05)

What you’ll learn:

Becky tells us how she has implemented new technology and changes into her father’s company that was much needed because of the generational gap between them (3:50)

Becky discusses the advice her father shared with her about “rolling with the punches” and changing the business whenever a new generation requires it (4:46)

We hear about how Becky learned about the business elements of her family’s company and why hands-on learning has been so crucial to her success as the new owner of Shop4ties.com (6:08)

Get advice from Becky on how to go about finding a mentor that is right for you and will help you succeed in whatever industry you want to go into (8:53)

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