A serial entrepreneur, Jessica founded CheekyChicago.com, Chicago’s leading lifestyle magazine for women for seven years strong, reaching 100,000 readers locally and partnered with over 100 national brands as clients. Now she runs The SimplyBe Agency which helps clients, ranging from corporate executives to politicians to entrepreneurs to spiritual directors, in becoming industry thought leaders. She speaks and facilitates workshops and masterminds, teaching the power of personal branding to corporations such as Heineken USA, Red Bull, Chicago Tribune, Virgin and BBMC Mortgage Bank.

Podcast Highlights:

Jessica expands on her personal branding company and what sets them apart from their competition (1:28)

Jessica tells us about her the “Aha” moment she had when Snapchat came out and how she models her own website after Snapchat because it is something that brings so much joy and laughter to so many people (7:12)

What you’ll learn:

Jessica answers the question, “Should businesses focus on telling customers their personal story, or only focus on the brand’s story?” (3:10)

Find out how you can navigate Jessica’s website to get examples of how she tells her personal story through the content she creates since she believes in doing business with people, not with logos (4:18)

Find out where you can find Jessica online and how to reach her personal branding website (17:40)

Jessica gives us her top tips/strategies for those looking to tell their brand’s story (8:03)

1. Know your why. What are you doing here in this life? What is your life’s ultimate purpose? What gets you up in the morning (9:10)

2. Know your audience. Who are you trying to reach with your story and who are you talking to or trying to target (9:40)

3. Know your value! You have to be valuable to your audience so you stay relevant because you are offering something that no one else in this world offers (10:02)

Jessica discusses the importance of “content buckets” and why consistency is key when creating content (11:43)

Jessica answers Eric’s question: “How does somebody divide their attention on their personal brand and a company they might be running?”. Eric uses himself as an example to help us get a better understanding of Jessica’s advice (12:27)

Eric gets advice from Jessica on how to grow Clever Stilettos from his own social media following (15:16)

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