Erin Bagwell is a feminist documentary film-maker from Brooklyn, New York. She produced a documentary called “Dream, Girl” which is about inspiring ambitious female entrepreneurs.

Bagwell studied Digital Media Arts at Canisius College and has been making movies since she was a little girl. She moved to New York with the big dreams of making a movie and working in the film industry. However, she could not find the avenue to be able to reach her goal. This led to her working in the advertising industry.

Podcast Highlights

Learn about what led to Bagwell started a feminist storytelling blog and how she found a way to get involved in the film industry (3:36).
Find out what Bagwell is doing to regenerate herself and feel full (7:40).
Discover why Bagwell prefers Squarespace to WordPress for building a website (8:37).

Listen to Bagwell talk more about the documentary and how you can host a screening (9:37).

What You’ll Learn

Bagwell expands on how she got involved in making movies and her documentary, “Dream, Girl”. She also discusses the success that she has seen with the Kickstarter campaign that was associated with her documentary. Ultimately, this leads to her explaining why it is important to hustle and take every opportunity you receive (2:57).

The Kickstarter Campaign

Bagwell talks about how much money was raised to fund the documentary, “Dream, Girl” (1:38).

Kickstarter has helped the documentary in several ways. For example, Bagwell credits Kickstarter as the reason why the documentary premiered at the White House last May. Additionally, it was the reason why Bagwell got put on Oprah’s SuperSoul 100 list (4:48).

Furthermore, Bagwell talks about Marie Forleo and how she helped with promotion and going viral (5:17).

The Importance of Hustle and Taking Opportunities

There is often a misconception that once putting something online it will easily be found and become viral. Rather, there is a lot of power in leaving your apartment to spread awareness and network (2:20).

Bagwell talks about how she personally worked to spread awareness of her documentary and Kickstarter campaign (5:33).

Eric mentions that despite being in the beginning stage of podcasting, people took the chance to interview with him. He has seen that those who have got back to him and agreed to interview are those who are doing well (5:39).

The concept of taking opportunities with the goal of influencing one person is discussed. Bagwell talks about the benefit of keeping this focus in mind and how it can help all other concerns subside (6:08).

Self-sabotage and Building Walls

Eric mentions that when reaching out to people for interviews, there were those who questioned the purpose of having an interview. Once researching more about their businesses, it was found that they weren’t really killing it (6:38).

Bagwell mentions that self-sabotage is discussed in her documentary and how common she believes it is for entrepreneurs and artists. Commonly, there are thoughts about not being ready which can keep people from taking opportunities. However, she talks about that she has even been working on her own website and there will always be things to perfect (6:59).

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