Ian Gray is based in Manchester, United Kingdom. His particular focus has changed over time but he currently focuses on live video. He helps businesses by providing tips on things such as fear of being on camera and technology.

His background concerns a focus on social media tools and the technology side of social media. Ultimately, he aims to make the tools and technology easy for others to understand. Additionally, he trained in the past to be a professional singer and has done a lot of teaching. Overall, what he is doing with live video seems to be a combination of all those things.

Podcast Highlights

Discover what Eric is doing to get over his own fear of being on camera so he can start a YouTube channel (4:07).

Listen to Gray discuss how common he believes having fear in front of the camera is. Find out why he actually thinks that fear should never actually leave you completely (4:45).

Learn about what you can find on Gray’s website to find out more about how to use Facebook Live (7:41)

Find out what Gray is up to now to help people through the obstacles of live video (11:45).

What You’ll Learn

Gray discusses steps you can take to have less fear in front of the camera so you can make live videos (5:18).

1) Practice

The first step to getting started with video is to just record. Gray walks through how to change your profile settings to private before recording to practice. This allows people to be able to test out making a video without being concerned about going live (5:28).

2) Evaluate

After making your video it is common to find that you really dislike it. However, find out what Gray recommends that people try to do before giving themselves constructive criticism (6:06).

3) Join a Challenge

After changing your privacy settings back to friends, look to join with others. Find other business owners or those who want to go live and create a Facebook group. Agree that everyone in the group will go live for the next so many days. Gray discusses that you have to be prepared for the fear and technology issues that might arise. In fact, one of the things that many people love about the live video is that you never know what will happen (6:37).

The Technical Aspects of Facebook Live

Listen to Gray answers Eric’s question about if it is better to shoot your video vertically or horizontally on Facebook Live. One of the factors discussed is knowing your audience. For example, if you believe your audience would watch your video on their smartphone, it makes sense to shoot vertically. Also, another advantage of vertical video is that your live video will take up the whole screen. One of the points mentioned in the vertical video is if you are doing an interview. If you are on your smartphone you can bring in guests and do split screen. If you start the video horizontally, your video will be a properly split screen. However, if you start with the video vertically, your guest will appear as a little thumbnail (8:39).

Another aspect discussed is the ability to bring a guest onto a Facebook Live video. However, Gray mentions how he has experienced trouble with the feature recently. One of the things he warns people about is for them to be prepared for things to not go well during the video. Gray talks about how to see who is watching your live video and how to bring them in as a guest (10:09).

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