Stephanie Dalfonzo is an anxiety expert who has been researching ways to get on the other side of anxiety for over 20 years. In the 80’s and early 90’s, Dalfonzo was a celebrity radio DJ with the name “Stevie Knox”. It was during this time that her anxiety exploded into insomnia. She did what most people would and went to a doctor and got a prescription which worked for only a while. She eventually chose to take matters into her own hands by doing research which is when she found out that she was experiencing anxiety.

Podcast Highlights

Discover why Dalfonzo doesn’t talk about managing or coping with anxiety but instead getting on the other side of it (3:32).

Find out how to deal with haters and the relationship between having haters and success (13:50).

Listen to Dalfonzo explain how you can find her website or follow her on social media (16:48).

What You’ll Learn

Eric asks what Dalfonzo believes to be the cause of anxiety for entrepreneurs and if it is all in the brain. Dalfonzo responds by discussing what she has found to be common over the years from working with people. When talking with others, she realized that a common root of anxiety is childhood and often people take it on from someone else. Listen to her talk about imposter syndrome and her example of how a bad experience can be a trigger and affect people negatively. Dalfonzo also provides an example of someone she worked with who once they got to the root of her issue in childhood, she saw success (5:41).

Overall, Dalfonzo discusses three techniques that can be used to calm anxiety on a daily basis (3:27).


Whether it is involuntary or intentional, yawning can be beneficial in helping with anxiety. How yawning stimulates the body’s largest nerve, which runs from the brain to the gut into every organ, is discussed. Dalfonzo encourages Eric to yawn and Eric mentions that yawning is going to make him feel sleepy. Although yawning can make you think you are tired, it helps calm the body. Furthermore, yawning is something that people can easily have time for during the day (4:45).


Dalfonzo refers to this method as coming to your breath and while breathing thinks “I’m breathing in, breathing out”. Eric mentions that when practicing this technique, he notices that his ribcage feels full. It is shared that this method can give you a fuller breath, slow your breathing down and bring you into the moment. The difference between anxiety and depression is explained by Dalfonzo. She also expands on her background, sharing that she is a certified yoga teacher and that she taught many different ways to come to your breath (8:17).

Also, the fact that dealing with anxiety is not about finding a one-time solution is shared. Instead, life will always throw curveballs and that is why it is important to practice coming into the moment and getting on the other side of anxiety(10:17).

Finding Balance

Dalfonzo introduces this by relating it to a memory she has of a clown punching bag that she had as a child. She expands on this by talking about how her tips are born out of her own experience. Find out how she was able to stay calm when her husband experienced his most recent job loss (11:06).

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