Rand Fishkin is the founder and former CEO of SEO software startup Moz, host of Whiteboard Friday, co-author of a pair of books on SEO, co-founder of Inbound.org, and serves on the board of the presentation software firm, Haiku Deck. Rand’s currently writing a book for Penguin/Random House on the ups and downs of startup culture, due out in 2018. In his minuscule spare time, he loves to travel with his wife, author Geraldine DeRuiter and read about their adventures in her books and blog. Enjoy this episode as we get to know more about the SEO genius behind the million dollar company, Moz.

Podcast Highlights:

Rand Fishkin expands on the company he started, Moz, and the work he will continue to do to help fellow entrepreneurs like him who are looking to use marketing to expand their business. (4:28)

Rand reveals how he got started in SEO and in the marketing world as his dream was to become an open source for SEO knowledge.10 years later, Moz is a 180 employee company with 45 million in revenue and over 30,000 paying customers (5:30)

Eric gets insight into the inspiration behind Rand’s weekly video’s called “White Board Fridays”. We learn that within a few years, these videos became the best performing content on the MOZ website thanks to improvements made to the quality of the video by Rand who always sought to improve the content they published (8:14)

Rand fills us in on his new book, Lost and Founder, and where you can go to find out more about him (30:53)

What you’ll learn:

Rand discussed the 5 things every blogger should be doing when they are first starting out (11:25)

1. Before you invest in SEO, you need a deep understanding of your audience. Who are they? Who do they listen to? What problems do they have that you are solving for them? You want your ideal customer to know about you even before they need your help (12:49)
2. Make sure that your website is technically accessible to visitors and Google (13:46)
You want people to enjoy using your website and have a good user experience.
3. You need Key word research. Google Ad words and Moz are good examples of tools that can help you discover the words and phrases that your customers are searching in Google, and how often they are searching them (15:09)
-Uses Moz Key word search tool as an example to show how this works (15:44)
4. Create a Key Word to content map (16:35)
5. You need people to take notice of your content. Therefore, your going to want to find people and publications who will link to you so you will raise your ranks in Google (17:15)

Rand and Eric go more into depth on the importance of creating content around keywords to increase your visibility through google ranks (18:33)

Eric asks Rand how interlinking works and the benefits that it creates for your SEO efforts (20:23)

Rand gives us his recipe for SEO success when creating the content of your website (22:45)

Listen to an example of how to read your audience and create content around them so that it is accessible and relatable to them (24:42)

Eric asks Rand how important the “Pinikle article” is, and the role it plays in SEO (26:06)

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