“As I Am” Fashion Blog was started by Miss Reese J & ChanelDotCom to highlight Plus-Size Fashion, and help women achieve happiness within themselves through every stage of their life. Their goal is to create content that gets women to embrace their curves, beauty and to not limit themselves because they are plus sized. Their blog helps their audience to feel empowered while encouraging them to embrace their unique beauty. After all, “It’s not what you wear, but HOW you wear it! No matter your size”.

Podcast Highlights:

Miss Reese J & ChanelDotCom talk about how they got started in the fashion world, and why their dynamic helps them succeed within a certain niche of the blogging community (0:27) (2:20)

Getting advice from people already in a career that interests you can be very helpful when first starting out in something new like fashion blogging. Miss Reese J & Chanel give us the advice they would give to any aspiring fashion blogger, and urge women, especially those who are plus sized, to follow their dreams regardless of what others may say (4:10)

Body and general image positivity is something Miss Reese J & Chanel aim to help women achieve through their blog posts. Get their advice on how to deal with the fear of being a plus-sized woman in the fashion world, and why having a partner means always having someone to support you (8:08)

Miss Reese J & Chanel share with us one habit they wished they had, and how that small habit can help you grow your blog tremendously if you followed it (9:10)

Find out more about how you can get in touch with Miss Reese J & Chanel, and where you can read their next fabulous blog post (10:28)

What you’ll learn:

Listen to the story behind the girl’s blog title “As I am”, and their mission to help very women celebrate and accept themselves through every stage of their life (1:20)

Finding and deciding what content to publish as a blogger is vital to your success. Miss Reese J & ChanelDotCom discuss the inspiration behind their blog posts as we learn why keeping up with fashion trends is so important when creating good content (2:28)

Learn from Miss Reese J & Chanel how to flawless connect your blog and social media posts to ensure that your audience is seeing not only trendy content, but is always updated and enticed to click through your Instagram posts to read your next blog post (3:14)

With two full-time jobs, a blog, and a booming social life, Miss Reese J & Chanel often have to find a balance between both of their schedules to create amazing content. Learn how they make their partnership work for them, and how their schedules often dictate when they post (6:38)

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