5 Reasons Why We Wear Cosmetics

The Beauty of Makeup

For women that usually wear makeup, I’m sure at least one man has asked you, “Why do you wear makeup?” Frankly, it’s a question most men ask women all the time. But even when you answer his makeup question, it feels like you still have not given him a reasonable response. Perhaps, the issue isn’t that he doesn’t understand your answer.

Maybe he just thinks you look better without it, and it doesn’t make sense why you dabble it on every morning. Some men love foundation and eye shadow on women while others don’t. Maybe he really wants to ask, “Why do you wear so much makeup?” Perhaps, this is his real question and he wants you to look natural, not plastic or fake. Believe it or not. A man will encounter a woman who is wearing something fake, but is wearing something as fake as eyelashes really a big deal?  Do you like her enough to accept her glossy lips or are you focused on changing her morning mirror makeup session? What does makeup do for her and why is she obsessed with having the perfect eyebrows?


Judging a Book by its Cover

Though many people say they don’t judge others, they often do just that anyways. On purpose or by mistake, everyone has prejudged at least one person at some point in their lives. Naturally, society may think a woman, wearing makeup looks professional and ready for her day, but others may think she’s trying too hard. To sum it up, she’s begging for attention, or she’s self-centered. We should feel comfortable with who we are or what we decide to wear or not wear.

A Man’s Opinion

Most men think women wear makeup because they’re feeling insecure about the way they look, so they’re hiding behind cosmetics. Ladies, we both know that’s not true. Well, this is true for most women. I cannot speak for all cosmetic lovers. But if you have a lady who wears foundation, it doesn’t mean she’s struggling with insecurity or she only feels beautiful when applying concealer. We don’t wear makeup because we don’t feel pretty. Guys, you have it all wrong. Trust and believe me when I say this. Sure, the average guy likes to see natural beauty. Women like natural as well, but don’t expect everything on a woman to be real.

Let’s be honest here. It’s rare for a man to find a woman who doesn’t wear makeup, weave, fake nails or eyelashes. Whether or not it’s her boobs, behind or eyebrows, something on her is fake. On the contrary, there are a few women that don’t wear makeup at all. They have their list of reasons why they don’t wear makeup like we have our list of reasons why we do.

1). Self-Care

Try to think of makeup as an act of self-care. You may not like makeup, but at least she’s taking care of herself. She may spend hours in the bedroom applying her foundation, but she’s keeping herself together. Is that really a big deal? You don’t have to change, especially if she never asked you to, so why should she? She loves and wants to nourish herself, and I don’t see anything wrong with that and you shouldn’t either. So, don’t make a big deal out of her applying lip gloss or filling in her brows.

2). Confidence Booster

I think this reason is kind of self-explanatory. Makeup is fun and sometimes places women on an even higher cloud. Her confidence doesn’t depend on the concept of makeup, but it does give her a confidence booster. Most women already feel good, but what’s wrong with feeling great?

3). Beauty Enhancer/ Magnifier

But once you’re able to point out the facial features you love about her, you will learn that makeup is used to make a woman’s facial features really pop or stand out. She’s putting her best face forward and highlighting her greatest features. It could be as simple as her eye color or incredible cheekbones.


Many women go to school to do makeup professionally. Wearing makeup is, without a doubt, art. Therefore, it’s another way women can express themselves. So, how do you express yourself? They want to show their colorfulness. We use it to differentiate ourselves from other females. At least, that’s what I do. I like to show my creativity and uniqueness through palettes and eyeshadows. Art is everywhere, ladies and gentlemen. In actuality, we all use art in some shape, form, or fashion. Generally, try to imagine makeup as another form of creative expression or a way to make a living.

5) Physical Imperfections

Sometimes, it’s not all beautiful or smooth underneath. I would like to say that we all have photogenic skin, but we know that’s not true. Many women cover things like discoloration, blemishes, scars and black eyes with makeup. Let’s just face it. When used properly, makeup can hide facial flaws because no one wants their skin to be different tones. undoubtedly, makeup can make women look very different, which sometimes can be a good or bad thing. It really depends on how you use it.

Makeup and Marketing

Like clothes and shoes, makeup is marketed almost everywhere, especially on the Internet and social media platforms. I’m sure you heard of Maybelline Cosmetics, Avon, Cover Girl, or Clinique. The list of cosmetic brands goes on. These are some of the best natural beauty care brands marketed for women. Specifically, the cosmetic market is a growing industry in the U. S. In addition, this refers to the dollar value of the total sales of makeup products globally. This focus is driven by the retail selling price also known as the price to consumers. Learn more about cosmetics and how to properly apply makeup here.

Article Name
5 Reasons Why We Wear Cosmetics
This article focuses on makeup and the 5 basic reasons why women wear cosmetic products. This article also points out that wearing makeup doesn't define a woman's confidence or beauty. Therefore, makeup is a beauty enhancer and a confidence booster. Wearing cosmetics products is another form of self-care. We provide insight regarding makeup and marketing as well.

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