7 Essential Social Media Tips for Fashion Brands

by: tw Timothy Webb

I’m sure you’ve heard from experienced business people that the best way to grown your business is through referrals, right? Well, it’s still true. Even though word of mouth is still very important to your business or brand, today with social media referrals have gone nuclear. There are some important tips for mastering social media, here are seven.

With that in mind there are some helpful hints necessary to make social media work for you. And not against you. Also, it’s important to remember there are some good manners you need to have to participate in social media. Following these suggestions and guidelines will help you get good word of mouth not from one, but possibly from hundreds of customers.

1. Get your ear to the ground.

Listen. In order to know what to provide your customers, you need to know what they want. Even when you visit a brick and mortar retail store, one of the first things they’ll ask you after “How are you?” is “How can I help you today?”. The savvy retailer doesn’t want to waste precious time or risk turning their customer off by trying to sell them something they have no interest in. Unfortunately, online, you don’t have the same advantages as verbal cues and and non-verbal body language. So, what to do?

Once you determine who your target is, see how they respond to their world on social media. What are they liking on Facebook? What are they sharing? Who are they following on Instagram? Then think about how your fashion brand can solve their dilemmas. Have they found the perfect boots for fall, almost? Maybe what they’re finding doesn’t have any fun, colorful patterns. Maybe you have them. Or, can get them. Always be thinking what you can do FOR them, and not how to close them.

2. Corporations aren’t people.

Be human. Millennials see the world as one large small town. And, their views are shaping the way e-commerce is carried out. When posting on social media, you want to sound like a friend who is recommending the best thing they bought this week. Do not sound like a cold, money-hungry corporation that wants to increase sales by 6% over last quarter.

Chances are if you are in front of them on social media, it’s because you invited yourself to the party. Not, because they decided to like your brand. You want them to introduce themselves and offer you a beer at their party. How do you break the ice? What do you do when you show up unexpected at a friend of a friend’s soiree?

Be cool, bring a bottle of wine or a hostess gift. Be interesting and create some interesting content for them to read—-something of value to them. Not you. Of course coupons aren’t out of line either, if it’s a great offer.

3. Honesty is the best policy.

If the world wide web is a small town, then you need to make sure you live your life right. If you masquerade online as somebody else, the neighbors always find out. And neighbors love to gossip! On social media, always be transparent about who you are online. Never try to dupe you followers into thinking you are anything but who you are. Make a point to let people know about the brand that you represent. Refer back to it regularly, but not constantly. It’s sufficient if within your profile, your brand information is listed.

4. Be cool.

Have you gotten to the point that you don’t want to give your email address out? Or, better yet—do you have a special email address set aside just for purchasing online? Probably, I do. Why? Why is it that I order a gift for a friend with a horse from a tack and saddle shop and I receive emails weekly for nearly a year? I’m exhausted. You have to be careful not to over contact your customers on social media or email because your prospects will experience email fatigue and before you know it, they’ll be opting out.

This is worse when it’s actually a brand you’re interested in and then they repay you by posting you to death. It’s sort of like visiting a retail store and that nosey sales associate keeps interrupting your shopping to push something else they’ve been instructed to move off the sales floor. Be cool. Maybe in the beginning, post a couple of times to get their attention. Then ease off.


You want to make sure that the content your dishing out isn’t entirely self-serving. There has to be a reason for them to be in the room. What’s in it for them? Divide your content into three’s. What if you share something with them you think they’d be interested in? Then, talk about what they’re talking about. Finally, spend a little time talking about your brand and the features and style or your great fashion brand.

5. Don’t be a MeMe.

Anyone who has ever spent any time networking, may have learned a thing or too about people. 1. People love to talk about themselves (that’s a freebie!). And, two, because of that learn how to offer what you can do for them, versus the other way around. It may be tempting to jump outta the gate singing the praises of your beautifully tailored fashion brand and how it’s just perfect for them. On social media, be careful not to talk about Me right away, because your brand could be labeled a MeMe.

Instead, listen to them, think and offer them solutions to their problems. Their fashion problems that is. Solve your followers’ fashion problem with the right accessory, outerwear or boots and you have them for life. Plus, the dividends are almost never-ending as they’ll Like your posts and Share them with their friends. And what could be better than first-hand referrals amongst friends about your fashion brand?

6. Choose your affiliations wisely.

The digital landscape is a growing and burgeoning place. Think about where your brand can shine. What are you trying to accomplish? Are you looking to move product? Or, is it really more of a branding campaign to get your name out there? Different media have different advantages. A fashion brand is well-suited to visual media on social media such as Instagram, Pinterest and the like.

But don’t leave any stone unturned. For instance, maybe you should consider Tumblr as well. Sometimes it may even be advantageous to try something altogether different. What about featuring business suits or travel apparel on LinkeIn? There are many social media options, don’t limit yourself. People who are actively connected to LinkedIn, travel. Certainly, they would appreciate helpful hints and tips on things that would simplify their travel experiences.

7. Don’t you forget about me.

Find followers and keep flirting with them. Just because you get the girl, doesn’t mean you don’t need to bring her flowers or take her out to dinner once in a while. It’s great to have followers, but you’ve gotta keep them interested. The cool thing about social media is that you can use them as a focus group of sorts. Offer ideas and see how they land. Perhaps you can even learn a thing or two from them.

It is important to acknowledge them—-by name if you can. If someone is liking your content on social media, thank them for goodness sake. It’s just good manners. Treat your followers as if they were friends at a party. Get a compliment, thank them. Easy peasy. The best thing you can ever hope to achieve for your brand online is building passionate advocates. They Like, Share and Re-Post for all to see.

To get started, these are just a few of the key things you need. When working on social media, pretend you are at a party and working the room. Always remember, to mind your manners, be authentic and say please and thank you when appropriate. If you follow these simple, common sense guidelines, you’ll be fine.


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7 Essential Social Media Tips for Fashion Brands
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