When thinking about marketing campaigns, the image of spam emails with the marketing team rolling their eyes comes to mind. While email marketing strategies at times feel like a chore, it’s proven time and time again that email marketing campaigns are the most effective way of communicating with people directly. With our help, you’ll have the tools and the latest information to hone and update your current email marketing tactics.

Use Vague Headlines

Email marketing campaigns all have the same goal—getting the recipient to open the email. A study by MailChimp finds 1 out of 4 people will open your email. This information stresses the importance of creating captivating content with the challenges of getting people to achieve a small action opening and reading your what you have to say. According to the study, simplicity and effectiveness of using vague and short headlines engages people which ultimately motivates actions.

Forget everything you know about SEO, you’re already in your customers pocketliterally. Harness your audience with engaging and curious content using short and simple headlines. People are naturally curious beings, they key is pinpointing what makes a headline so good, that it makes others want to read the entire email. Brainstorm concepts about your brand with what people already know and what they need to know by making it curious without sounding too demanding or aggressively salesy.

Stop Inserting the Recipient’s Name

Building genuine relationships with customers is a core goal among marketing teams, however, “faking” familiarity with an email subscriber turns readers off. The cookie-cutter, cut-and-paste, email templates are clear as day for readers and will likely discontinue reading past the first few sentences. Personalizing emails pays off but how can you achieve this?

It’s easy. Briefly, summarize previous purchases for product personalization—recent reports find this triggers a 98% positive response rate among readers who are likely to engage with the email. Customize everything in the email such as content description down to the link buttons which say, “Click Here.” Make the reader feel that your company recognizes them as a person and not just another dollar. Reconsider the time spend to customize emails for subscribers  since template emails are doing more harm than good. Customizing emails is continuing to prove success and you need to come on board with this ongoing trend.

Email is #1

Marketing strategies via email top Facebook and Twitter in reaching audiences regarding brands. This is because communicating through email is the number one means of  directly communicating with people. However, it’s also the most challenging since capturing the full attention of readers to finish reading an entire email is difficult to do. Marketing tactics should consistently research the latest news, findings and research regarding email marketing since this form of contact is here to stay and will not die out anytime soon. There’s a huge misconception of email marketing “fading out” however, this is simply not true; companies just don’t understand how to manipulate their findings to draw engaging content.

Take Advantage of Time

Effective email strategies occur in the late afternoon and again in the evening, specifically between six o’ clock in morning and midday and again around eight o’ clock to midnight. This is when people have completed all their tasks and are now scrolling through their phones checking social media and yes, checking their inbox for unopened emails. If your emails are sent out first in the evening, that email holds a greater chance of getting noticed as opposed to an explosion of 15 unread messages in the morning which tend to get overlooked.

Emails with the best open results are opened within an hour of its delivery. This means you need to send emails out before the “top open” times occur. Otherwise, your email will end up in the “unread” list to collect with the rest. Don’t just limit yourself to findings and research to launch emails during the day but also which days reflect the best “top open days.” Did you know that Tuesday and Thursday are the best day of the week to launch marketing emails with Saturday being the lowest? Stay current on relevant information regarding real-time email findings to optimize your marketing campaigns.

Limit Links

Take in mind the old saying, “less is more” and apply this to email marketing approaches when embedding links within emails. Readers already have a short attention span when it comes to reading an entire email, so limit the number of links down to one or two since an overload of links will appear as “spam” and throw readers off. Creating an effective email can get tricky when deciding when and where to incorporate links and objects. Too many links will distract a reader from reading the rest of the information.

Get Creative

Start assessing how your emails stand out from the hundreds of emails left “unread” in a person’s inbox. Instead of the standard, information overload email, send links to videos or embedding animations that’s refreshing from traditional business methods. Or try sending “Thank You” emails to loyal subscribers and customers without any advertising gimmicks. Doing so will strengthen the values and ideas about your brand among others who are constantly pushing sales and promo codes. This is a great opportunity to set yourself apart from the boring, template-filled sea of messages. With this information you’re receiving, there’s no reason why redesigning your current email approaches can’t be done.

Step in Their Shoes

Don’t lose sight of customers to numbers and figures—they’re people just like you. Take the time to step out of your business role in marketing and spend time scrolling through your personal email for a few days and take notes along the way. Reassess yourself as a consumer receiving emails on a daily basis. Do you just filter through your inbox as quickly as possible by marking everything as “read?” Do you just “Select All” and immediately toss everything in the garbage? Or do you just let your emails stack up and check them later when you’re bored.  You must hold the answers to all of these questions by experiencing what the average person faces when handling their personal emails.

Approaches to email marketing will only get better from here. Remember: keep headings vague and simple, personalize emails as much as possible, take advantage of studies regarding email marketing campaigns, limit links, don’t shy away from creativity and step in your customer’s shoes.

Rethink Email Marketing Tactics
Article Name
Rethink Email Marketing Tactics
Email marketing is far from ever “dying out.” It’s here to stay because sending emails is the direct way of communicating with customers and email subscribers. You’re already in their pockets, so why not update your current email marketing strategies?

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