Anastasia Chatzka Takes Back

Flirty Feminine Fashion in Chicago

by: tw Timothy L. Webb

Michigan native, Anastasia Chatzka, has been a part of Chicago’s fashion scene for over five years. With her fun, flirty and above all else unapologetically feminine ready-to-wear designs, Chatzka has been getting some attention. Her designs will be featured in Chicago’s upcoming Fashion Week. Her lifestyle brand ranges from intimates to formal with a cutting edge.

Art imitates life

A rebel at heart, her entrepreneurial spirit began as a child with her exposure to music and art. In fact, her designs have been influenced heavily by art and nature.At 12 years of age, I wanted to be a photographer for National Geographic. I guess I was really being specific”, said Chatzka. This desire to explore photography and the golden mean has manifested itself in her clothing line.

Other influences included family, friends and of course her art and music teachers. Mentors played an important role in her fashion sense and development. Chatzka has plans of opening similar shops in New York and Los Angeles. But, she’s not intending to stop there, and is eyeing Tokyo and Paris as well.

Punk Rock Glam

Early on, Chatzka was a budding designer, sewing many of her own clothes. A student of sewing in high school, she looked for unique ways to tailor her own look. Often looking for fashions she saw on stage at rock concerts and music festivals—-she began shopping. Shopping, for the fun glitzy looks that her music icons were wearing.

But fortunately for us, Chatzka did not find her outfits at any shop. So, she began to tailor make her own looks that were influenced by musicians. With bell-bottoms unavailable in shops in the 90’s, Chatzka set out to find fabric stores that would allow her to create her own vision of rocker style.

When asked what musicians got her attention, she simply said: “The Beatles”. Ever the entrepreneur as well as designer, Chatzka set up shop outside of Detroit’s punk-rock concerts and sold her designs directly to concert goers.

Made in Chicago

Today, she has a successful shop, Anastasia Chatzka, located at 1001 North Damen in Chicago’s Ukranian Village.  Her fun, flirty designs are imbued with rich colors and prints and are markedly feminine. All her dresses and separates are made in Chicago. She believes that with locally sourced products, it is important that Anastasia designs are American made.

Chicago Fashion Week

Chicago Fashion Week coming is up October 20th – 28th. Chatzka is sure to be busy curating her best looks for the Midwest’s largest fashion runway event. Fashion Week in Chicago is a platform for independent designers, like Chatzka to show their lines. The goal is to bridge Chicago’s fashion industry to that of New York City and Los Angeles.

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Anastasia Chatzka Takes Back Fun Flirty Fashion in Chicago
An overview of Anastasia Chatzka's women's fashion line and the upcoming Chicago Fashion Week

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