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by: tw Timothy Webb

What apps are millennials tapping the most? You may be surprised to learn that the most popular apps are not Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram. While millennials only represent just over 20% of the U.S. population, they account for the lions’ share of app users on the planet. So, what apps are millennials using?


Stats for Apps

According to ComScore’s 2017 U.S. Mobile App Report, more than a third of those who are 18-34 (35%) say they cannot go without the Amazon app. This is fantastic timing with Amazon’s expansion into many other market segments such as grocery. Earlier this year, Amazons’ 13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods brick and mortar stores will be a successful platform for a millennial shopping paradise.

To gear up for the buying habits of their target market, on day one of operations at Whole Foods, Amazon dropped many prices by as much as 47%. Trailing not too far behind the Amazon app were Gmail (30%) and Facebook (29%). Other apps that made the cut were Facebook Messenger (18%), YouTube(16%), and Google Maps (11%) each.

There’s the Raw Data. What does it mean?

Perhaps it confirms the belief that millennials prefer an in-home shopping experience to a touchy-feely retail in-store experience.While the use of Gmail and Facebook indicates that millennials enjoy being connected and communicating with each other —just perhaps on a virtual level. This leads to the conclusion that the success of fashion brands lies online, if not specifically at Amazon. E-commerce has become such a key indicator for success that many brands and department stores have stepped up their games.

Walmart is in fierce competition with the new giant, Amazon. They are offering free delivery for any order from Walmart.com over $35. Additionally, Walmart is offering an abbreviated return process in-store—perhaps to draw more customers across their threshold. This is a tactic to encourage customers to order more products online.

Going rogue, Walmart has also announced that shoppers will save money on over 1 million products if they order online and pick them up at the store. Will millennials be comfortable leaving the comfort of their homes? Or their parents? Only time will tell, while Amazon and Walmart duke it out for the number one retail spot. Perhaps a sleek and sexy Walmart app would woo millennials and help keep from being unseated by their internet based rival, Amazon.

This may not be great news for retail as many stores have closed brick and mortar locations during 2017. The Limited, after over 50 years of operation, has closed all locations and filed for bankruptcy. Other brands filing for bankruptcy include RadioShack, Gymboree, Rue21, Toys R Us, and Payless Shoes. Perhaps this is a symptom of e-commerce and app-commerce.

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What's on Tap for Apps for Millennials
Find out what apps that millennials are tapping on.

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