You’ve decided that you want to own a business and are ready to get started. But how do you create a strong identity and attract buyers? There are many different businesses and companies out there and you need to stand out. How do you separate yourself from the competition? Luckily, there are several easy ways to get people interested and stay on target. Both companies and businesses work to develop their brand identity. When companies have different brands, they work to give them their own identity.

A Logical Name

First of all, feel free to get creative in this process and have fun. You should choose something unique to stand out from competitors, so do some research.  It is okay to want something clever but be straightforward. You want to make sure you are attracting people for the right reasons. People should be able to easily figure out what your business does. If your name is confusing, you might fail to reach your target audience. Therefore, making your message clear will save both time and money.

Secondly, you want to make sure your the business name makes sense in the target field. For example, Huggies is a popular brand that has items like diapers and wipes for infants.  It might not seem too relevant at first, but there is a good reason for the brand name. In fact, it has been found that human touch can help premature or seriously ill newborns. This name is also great in that it shows the brand as caring, perfect for families.

A Great Image

Pictures are a great way to draw the attention of potential consumers. Logos are commonly used to build on to a business or brand name. For example, consider the deer logo on John Deere products. This not only is a reminder of the last name Deere but adds to the outdoorsy feel of the company.

Again, feel free to get creative but remember to stay focused if you decide to create your own logo. If you want to have a logo but don’t have graphic design skills, have no fear! There are websites where you can easily design a logo for free or find people who will voluntarily do it. However, if you have the money to spend, you can hire a freelance logo designer to help.

One company to think about in this case is Target. While it might just seem that the bullseye logo relates to the name there could be a deeper meaning. When shopping, people often want to find something particular. At Target, you can get what you were hoping to find, meeting your target.

Choosing Colors

Not all owners choose to have a logo associated with their brand. Instead, they choose just a combination of colors. In many cases, owners choose both a logo and colors to brand their business. How do they decide what colors they are going to use?

They may choose their favorite color because they have a connection to it.  However, there is a more effective way to choose colors. It has been found that people get different impressions from different colors.  For example, red is described as being a youthful color. Therefore, Lego may have chosen red because they are a toy brand. The toys they make are commonly for children so they want to give a youthful impression. Also, yellow is known to be a cheerful color. Childhood should be a happy time and adults commonly reflect on the past thinking about their favorite toys.

Take a minute and imagine if popular brands were different colors. Does Coca-Cola seem as delicious with the colors being orange and green? What impression do you get from these colors on a drink product? By taking a look at logos in other colors, you can see how they are part of a brand’s identity.

One company that has different brands is Mars. Mars has brands such as M&Ms, Wrigley Doublemint Gum and even Iams pet food. All of these brands have different colors and images used to attract different audiences.

The Right Audience

That’s right, there’s such a thing as attracting the right people to your business. If you try to attract everyone, your marketing will not be consistent. For example, if targeting millennials you would use a different approach than if targeting those over the age of thirty.

In this case, companies think of the kind of person they want to attract to the brand, their target audience. To do so, companies come up with a fictional person and create a profile. This means thinking about the person’s life as a whole. They consider things such as the person’s age, marital status, job, and in some cases even gender. Another thing to consider is what problems that person is facing. What makes them need what you are selling? If having trouble getting started, there are resources to make this process easier.

One example of attracting a certain audience can be seen in car commercials. Lately, there are commercials where a parent goes out with their teenager to teach them how to drive. At this time, they struggle with a driving concept or almost get into an accident. However, a new feature on the car solves the problem or saves them from an accident. In this case, the car companies are targeting parents who have teenagers learning to drive.

The most important thing is that all elements of your brand identity match. If you have a toy brand, you would not want a fancy name but youthful colors. This is because children won’t be able to pronounce it to convince their parents to buy the toy.  Also, be sure your brand messaging is the same everywhere, especially on social media. By keeping all of these factors in mind, you can create a strong identity for your business.

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