We’ve all heard of brands that refuse to dress certain celebrities but what about the ones that have a genius marketing team and wish to dress celebs exclusively. It’s only been a few weeks since Harry Styles’ world tour kicked off. And with it an announcement that he will wear custom Gucci suits designed by Alessandro Michele all year. A little over the top? Probably. So maybe people are asking what the hell this kid is wearing but Styles isn’t just relevant to your 20-year-old sister anymore. With his edgy and retro self-titled album, Harry has made millions swoon and it’s not just because of his looks. Harry has become a trendsetter for men’s fashion, bringing back bell bottoms and printed suits that would probably be tacky on most people but not on Harry Styles.

Most of us can barely afford our rent so we can’t even dream of buying a single item of what Styles chooses to wear. But there he is, a 23-year-old fashion icon. Thirty 2017 tour dates with Gucci. Styles is straying away from the comfortable clothes most artists wear on stage and is opting to wear a suit instead. Although rare, he isn’t the first to wear such bold outfits on stage. Legends Prince and David Bowie often wore glittery bold suits on stage and it seems that Styles is following in their footsteps. Over the years Styles has been known to wear every luxury brand there is and even has an Instagram dedicated to identifying it. He’s known for sporting the looks that the runway models rocked. He has expensive taste, to say the least. Styles has a flower patterned suit for every occasion.

Issues On the Red Carpet

So why aren’t more brands exclusively dressing artists? We know that brands dress celebrities for red carpets but why not for other events? Bruno Mars and Zendaya wore custom Versace for the music video of “Versace on the Floor.” It seems like the best marketing tactic. That may or may not be true though. Just recently Gucci made a turnaround and is increasing sales after a three-year rough patch.

Why are brands so stingy about who wears their designs? It really is quite interesting how some designers refuse to dress certain celebrities. Of course, it was a huge deal when brands like Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, and Sophia Theallet refused to dress Melania Trump.

For those of us who know little about the industry, it’s strange to hear that some celebrities had to pay for the gowns that they wore on red carpets because high-end brands aren’t diverse enough. Ex- SNL star Aidy Bryant confessed to having begged designers to make her a dress that wasn’t unflattering just because of her size. Orange is the New Black stars Danielle Brooks and Dascha Polanco realized that the industry wasn’t willing to change and evolve. That seems to be a common theme in fashion. Brands seem to stick to size 0-2 celebrities who can bring more exposure to their brand.

New Marketing Tactics

Jennifer Lawrence has been known to wear Dior and has become the face of their new campaign and Lady Gaga became the face of Tiffany & Co. And yes, while beauty guru Manny Gutierrez is the first male to be the face of Maybelline’s new mascara. Is it enough?. It feels like the fashion industry is moving at a snail’s pace while society is running past.

While it seems that most of us roll our eyes when we hear about the latest celebrity drama. It doesn’t stop us from clicking on the latest articles. Love or hate the First Lady it’s pretty big news that she won’t be getting the support of many in the fashion world. And it’s certainly news when Styles shows up to his show or at the premiere of Dunkirk in the latest suit.Thanks Gucci, he looks great. 

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