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Extreme glamour and a particular sense of style are key. Use your trends to speak loud and clear. Don’t ever forget. There are many ways to dress in style. That’s right, ladies. If you’re not going to do it right, don’t do it at all. If you didn’t know, every single fashion detail matters. You should focus on your appearance. Every glamour girl knows that style starts from head-to-toe. Fashion is calling your name, honey. Show off your best features and irresistible curves. Yes, you heard me. Become a “Colette Girl” and add The Colette Collection to your wardrobe with Lauren Rubbelke’s hottest affordable trends. Create your own spice and own everything nice. Your look can possess an originality like never before.

We Dress How We Feel


Like Colette, we all know fashion’s an art statement. We dress how we feel. Agreeably, Fashion makes statements as it’s a great form of expression. Colette believes you can learn a lot about an individual from their choice of attire. Ideally, she’s right about this one, and many of us can agree with her. We often clarify our personalities through our sense of style. When you’re happy, your appearance usually says “Hey, look at me, world!” Meaning that you put on the loudest and brightest colors you could find. And when you’re sad, let’s just say you’re more likely to wear casual clothing and dark colors.

Your character and personality show through your style and attire, so ladies, choose wisely, huh. But be mindful, we all still have our days. One day, we want to be comfortable, preppy, or elegant. And the next, well, feeling sexy or vibrant becomes our fashion theme of the day. Although summer’s gone for us “romper lovers,” it doesn’t mean you still can’t collect the perfect collection. Trust me, summer will be back in just a jiffy. Even during the Fall or Winter, summer attire still screams at us when special occasions call for it. We both know meaningful dates, favorite holidays, or planned vacations and trips are around the corner. Yes, I said it and you read it.

Thankfully, it doesn’t matter what trend you like. You can be a girly-girl, stylish, or bubbly and bright. In fact, start wearing various styles and feeling good while you do it, girls. The Colette collection holds different appearances and fashion. The Colette girl has a lot to prove as her look speaks louder than words. I know what you’re thinking! How do I know? Well, I love proving people wrong. Check out Lauren’s contemporary style for yourself. Seeing is believing, in my book.

The Colette Collection Reflects Her Character

It takes an exceptional taste to keep your clientele happy. Although Lauren never really like name brands, everyone else seemed fascinated with popular styles and labels. But, of course, she liked standing out and being different. Buying name brand just wasn’t worth her mighty buck. Some people can agree to disagree. Regardless, she believes we can look great without “breaking the bank.” Again, flatting your wallet size doesn’t mean you can’t still embody fashion. Her wardrobe consists of bright colors and patterns.

Perhaps, Lauren’s obsessed with the vibrant fashion style. It’s an energetic and intense appearance typically featuring garments of asymmetrical designs, loud colors, and wild patterns. Not only that but she adores the girly fashion style. With this fashion trend, you can definitely count on lace, hearts, ruffles, and probably flowers. Surely, her favorite styles have some femininity to them. Lace’s obviously her thing, and I don’t blame her. The Colette Collection recently added a nice floral bomber jacket—the style’s so her.

No wonder why Lauren’s fashion boutique stands out from other online clothing stores and websites. Her fun trends reflect her colorful and bubbly personality. Lauren’s outgoing and enthusiastic. You can see it on her face and hear it in her voice. She glows like her Colette Collection. Take your pick and fall in love. Let your attitude and personality shine the brightest. Again, your apparel says so much about you. Catch the eye of many clothing products at reasonable prices. Expect to buy one dress and walk out of The Colette Collection with not one but three.

Starting Her Business

Educational Background

Lauren Colette Rubbelke attended the University of Missouri and majored in Textile and Apparel Management (TAM). She focused on the Apparel Marketing and Merchandising program for retail management and buying and minored in business. She retrieved a Bachelor’s degree in human environmental Sciences. Colette enrolled in the University of Missouri, although she was from St. Louis. Additionally, she didn’t want to go to school in her hometown. However, with the cost of education, she went to Missouri, which is an hour and a half away from St Louis. When Colette graduated from college she then moved to Chicago.

The Working Graduate 

In 2009, she started her first internship at American Girl. She worked at this establishment for about 5 years after taking on different roles. At one of her previous jobs, she won manager of the quarter for running an outstanding sales department, leadership and management. In actuality, Colette worked retail management for various retailers on Michigan Avenue. She opened her store about a year-and-a-half ago. Starting her own company was something she longed for, but she was entirely ready to take the leap. Soon, American Girl did a huge lay-off. She intended to start her own business. But in her heart, she knew she wasn’t ready. She needed to work more and save her checks for invest in her business. She even starting looking for a location for her potential store.

Family Help and Support

Colette would like to show gratitude to her parents for being loving and supportive. They assisted her in picking the best location for her collection store and read and checked the lease as well. They also helped with loading and unloading her store’s merchandise. Not to mention, they set up for pop up events and street festivals in St Louis, during the Summers. On the Contrary, Lauren can take the shine and glory for everything else.

Majority of her family still lives in her hometown. It makes sense why she proceeds to do various up pop events when she visits her family. For the holiday, she plans to do another popup event at one of their premium outlet centers from November 10th through January 7th. They will be there every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And amazingly, they have a huge space, so there will be other great vendors there as well.

Moving to Chicago

Besides her successful collection store, Colette confesses that moving to Chicago had to be one of the scariest things that she had done. When Lauren relocated, she barely knew anyone. Still, Lauren took a risk and adjustment turned out to a wonderful career success. In 2016, The Colette Collection won the Lakeview East award for the new retailer of the year. Being open for less than two years, Lauren should be very proud.

Last March was the time when the collection store successfully opened. I asked her, why fashion above every other marketable product. Well, she stated that fashion’s always altering and evolving. Most importantly, the style is pretty. Fashion’s bewitching. Colette went to the style and Mac Show at the Merchandise Mart. She loves to see the different fashion styles.

Ownership Benefits

1). Having or making her own schedule

2). Being able to hire and invest in a team and giving them personal responsibilities

3).  Of course, The Colette Collection is her number one benefit

Fashion is Lauren’s weakness. For the future, the owner dreams of seeing her boutique spread nationwide. Again, I can’t blame her. My hopes and dreams would probably align with hers if I was a store owner. But, realistically speaking, That seems overly-aggressively to her. Having her business in Chicago or in the Midwest would satisfy her. Her friends and family want her to open up a store in St Louis.

Advice for Upcoming Business Owners

1). Create a business plan

2). Know that you will never have another day off again

3). Ownership will not be for everyone. It’s not easy. You have to be focus and committed

4). Don’t concentrate and let negative statements dictate your decisions or discourage you. Some people told Colette she was crazy for trying or wanting to open up a store. On the other hand, she prefers to take a risk and fail than not try at all.

Store Events

Her First Fashion Show

Sunday, October 22nd, Lauren hosted her first fashion show at her boutique. She moved some things around to create a walkway for an afternoon of fun. According to her, the event went very well, even though it rains during most of her gatherings. She admits feeling nervous about the show. Regardless of this, she didn’t let her nerves ruin the fun.

Amazingly, everyone enjoyed her store event. Some bloggers, customers, photographers and, of course, models attended. Her audience loved and adored her merchandise so much they ended up purchasing some clothing items. There was a particular jacket, which sold out, and it made Colette very happy. Although this was her first fashion show, I have a feeling this won’t be her last. She tries to host at least one fun activity once a month.

In October, she hosted two events, the fashion show and the October Fest Sale. Her sale included Happy Hour Specials on each item, like 30 % off dresses and 20% off jacket, ladies. If you ever intend to join her events, they will always be serving alcoholic beverages, such as champagne, wine, or beer.

Every final Wednesday of the month, they have Wine Down Wednesday. They serve wine and provide 20% off purchases from 5 pm to 8 pm.  In November, she will be focusing on Small Business Saturdays. They will include special deals after Black Friday. If you missed out on the fashion show, attend her future events, save money, have some champagne, and meet Colette in person.

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The Colette Collection
This article gives insight about Lauren Colette Rubbelke, a businesswoman who made her dream of ownership come true. This article takes a look inside The Colette Collection store, near the Lakeview East area. You will learn everything you need to know about the new kid on the block. This document goes from her likes and personal fears to her educational background and business advice. Read about Colette’s success story and how you can also become your own boss. 

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