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Organizations have an attraction to buyers like moths to flames. Companies are basically following the cash wherever it comes. On the contrary, technology is altering this concept. Businesses can thank the web for making product marketing simpler. Social media platforms are the source of light between buyers and sellers.  They are using social networks to connect with online shoppers. Sellers plan to build and maintain new relationships with people just like you. With these channels, not only do they save time, but potential buyers are just a click away.

Moreover, the Internet makes things more convenient. Companies keep you posted and engaged with their proceedings and updates. Businesses want Internet users to return. In fact, these firms what to understand how you feel about their brands. They are advertising numerous over the web. Customers often see this as an opportunity to collect information about goods and/or services. Starbucks, as an example, has a social media platform to display their brand and improve their popularity.

Their likes, comments, and number of followers show if their products are popular or not.  Companies can use the Internet as a source to check out their customer reviews as they look to attract more clientele. They often compare these reviews to the reviews of their competitors. Other companies can see the attention or make a comparison against rivals. They can get ideas of hat do to differently or better to improve their services.

Web Addiction

The world wide web has an unexplainable attraction on individuals. Just ask your oldest sister, favorite uncle, or best friend.  The Internet is distractive in many ways. If you don’t believe me, then think about all the research papers you wrote last year. Remember, you had to gather research, and collecting research requires using the web, but what about the people who use the Internet just for entertainment. You-tubers and social media members have it the worse. Just think about how many times a day they check their messages or post an image or video because technology is highly addictive. An Internet user’s attraction to the web is kind of like the relationship between two magnets.

At some point in time, they are bound to come together. The Internet appeals to everyone differently. Some people listen to music and watch videos, while others use it for growth and knowledge.  You. The popularity of the web, and subsequently social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram among the public has encouraged businesses to join the web in a bid to maximize the interaction they have with current and potential customers alike. Where potential shoppers are, companies will shadow them. The web is a potential marketing source.

Organizations know that the internet is the perfect tool to get closer to their targeted audience. Companies use the internet to generate new customers while also stealing others as they aim to gain clients from their competitors within their industry. Digital marketing inspires customers to shop more by allowing them access to the inspiration behind the brand and a view into the company behind the items they love to purchase. As these digital marketing techniques continue to advance thanks to the web, online purchases continue to grow.

Social Media Statistics


The average Facebook user engages in roughly 80 other pages and groups. The average user connects to about 90 fragments of content monthly, with some of that content being part of more than 30 billion web links that discuss news stories and other information. Facebook also reports 2.01 billion monthly active users as of June 2017, with the number of members increasing 17% year-over-year.

As of  April  2017, Facebook Messenger reported having 1.2 billion engaged users, while in July 2017 Facebook reported having 1.32 billion engaged users on Facebook alone. This number does not include  Facebook Messenger users as the app has different statistics than Facebook. In April 2017, Facebook Messenger had 1.2 billion active users monthly.


Although Facebook is one of the most popular social networks that exist, LinkedIn possesses over 100 million users universally. Customers, like employers, are expecting businesses, small or large, to have an internet presence. On social media, companies are engaging with consumers similar to how consumers interact with family members and friends.


What about Twitter? I know we’re all curious about the attention Twitter receives from users  In 2017, Twitter estimated that they would have over 157 million daily users by July, but on  July 27, 2017, Twitter reported they surpassed their own predictions and boasted having a whopping  328 million active members monthly.


The Internet makes numerous things possible when it comes to developing personal and professional relationships.  Thanks to the web and the info it carries, individuals have a chance to be a step closer toward success. The web, social media, and websites are all linked together or related to one another in some way. Why? Because it makes conducting online purchases simpler for potential buyers.

Businesses can link their websites to their social media channels while the internet and electronics give individuals the ability to edit videos, blog, post images, and create educational podcasts around their brand. Collaborating and sharing ideas and perspective through the web makes things faster, easy and more convenient. People also use content communities such as YouTube to promote their images, products, and services. Sometimes this is how partnerships form between a talent and a particular brand. The web gives people of all types the opportunity to meet and network, something that is important when it concerns growing and succeeding in your business.

People and companies use these online platforms to build and sustain new connections. They want long-lasting relationships with customers. Strong bonds and customer satisfaction can lead to customer loyalty.  Social media involvement gives employers the chance to get potential buyers to their websites. Having simple and readable web pages can improve a company’s chance of a client conducting a purchase because it is easy and enjoyable. The Internet also helps businesses check out customer reviews and collect results from online surveys.

It’s a great strategy for companies if they want to improve or alter their brands or company image. Online businesses have an advantage over companies without websites. Thousands of individuals spend most of their time on the web. Because of this, users often search for needed or desired products in the Google or Yahoo search engine, and consumers discover companies and new products. Websites that relate to the search will appear as a link along with other associated results. A keyword search can lead to information and website discovery because Internet involvement can enhance the popularity of companies.

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Where you are, organizations will follow. Companies have their eyes on their fan base. They have a web presence to keep in touch with their targeted audience. Not only that, they intend to reach out to daily Internet users. Now Internet lovers come to firms like moths to flames. Businesses can thank technology for making product marketing easier.

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