1. Do a personal fashion show

With the advent of social media and live broadcasting applications, such as Facebook Live, fashion brands are capable of connecting their customers to their products like never before. What better way to connect with fans of your brand than to give them a personal look at your gear and how it might look on them?


That’s why virtual fashion shows are becoming more and more popular with digital fashion brands.


Everyone loves a good fashion show for a number of reasons. For one, it gives people an idea of what designs and outfits are trending at any given time and helps both the fashionista and the average customer stay in the loop. Furthermore, it provides food for everyone’s creative side. For you, the fashion brand extraordinaire, fashion shows give you the opportunity to innovate and advertise new, exciting things that may catch your customers’ eyes. And the audience gets a chance to visualize your products and mentally mix and match outfits and accessories. Needless to say, attending a fashion show isn’t something the average person gets to do with regularity. So you get to bring it to them instead.


And the best part about doing a fashion show in the digital sphere: you save a fortune.


Most fashion shows today can cost up to $100,000 for the venue alone, according to Business Insider. And that doesn’t even count stylists, lighting, promotions, and the models who wear the clothes. For a fledgling brand, those costs are simply too much.


But if you’re putting on the show via Facebook Live or on Instagram with you and perhaps some of your friends or family modeling your products? That’s a steal, especially in exchange for potentially giving yourself plenty of exposure among the online community by bringing a fashion show straight to their screen.


If you want to both engage your audience and to show off how great your designs are, a social media fashion show might be perfect for you.


  1. Hold contests for your viewers

Keeping your customers engaged and excited about your products is key to keeping your fashion brand consistently thriving. Sometimes, that means letting your audience get involved from time to time to make them feel like they’re part of what you’re creating.


One good way to do that is to let your customers come up with some ideas every once in a while.


Getting your followers involved in social media contests has grown much more popular in an attempt to add a more personal touch to digital marketing. One popular way of doing this is to challenge viewers to show the content of their own to you. For example: create a contest so that the person who shows you the most stylish outfit wins a prize of some sort, like a discounted item or a shout-out on social media.


Nike recently did something like this on Instagram with their #NIKEPHOTOiD campaign. In it, the company encouraged followers to design their very own athletic training show and then share their creations via Instagram photos. Doing that not only gets customers’ own creative juices flowing, but it also gives them the satisfaction of being recognized by one of their favorite apparel brands.


And you potentially receive an added benefit as well: more attention. If a lot of people are participating in your contests, they’re likely advertising you further on their own social media profiles. That can further extend your reach to prospective customers that aren’t familiar with your brand yet.


And who knows? If your contest seems fun enough, maybe newcomers will jump in as well. The more, the merrier!


  1. Make your own blog or podcast

Being able to post pictures to social media and doing live broadcasts to share your ideas are excellent steps to growing your fashion brand. There’s also far from the only means at your disposal to share your views with fashion consumers around the world.


Creating your own fashion blog and/or producing podcast episodes talking about your brand or giving out fashion tips can hit as well.


Blogs are very easy to start up and maintain, particularly on popular sites such as WordPress. Just create a username, come up with a creative site design, and start writing articles! For the purposes of your blog, you’ll want to keep your posts focused on your fashion brand.


Podcasts allow you to address very similar topics via a different medium. Unlike with a blog, your followers can take your fashion tips of the week without having to stare at the screen. That often makes podcast great for people that commute or perhaps want background noise while doing something else. Plus, with a podcast or other broadcast, you can bring in people to interview or co-host with, offering new and unique perspectives.

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