Scrap The Prepared Sales Pitch

When looking at your business social media strategy, ask yourself: Would I personally follow this page? Whether you discover the answer is no or want to spice things up, no need to stress! There are several easy ways to make brands more interesting to followers and create social media buzz.

Ask Followers Questions 1) Start a Conversation

Rule number one about creating a social media strategy is to not ignore the “social” aspect. It seems pretty obvious, but it is so easy to forget! Your focus on promoting the brand and want to see ROI (return on investment). In other words, you want your time on developing a social media presence to result in positive numbers. You want to see a growth in followers and purchases whether they be in-store or online.

Consider what makes people lose interest in talking to others in person. If you talk too much about your business, you come across as boring and self-absorbed. This results in a  possible risk of losing followers. Have you ever known what it feels like to think no one is listening to what you’re saying? A friend finishes talking and asks you a question. You start to answer and can tell their attention is elsewhere and they couldn’t care less. Did they ask you to just seem polite? Is your business guilty of this or does it keep your customers in mind?

You need people to like your products to be able to make money. Reach out and get personal, but stay professional and on target. Ask followers what they think about a new product or what they want to see next.

It’s great when people start to reply, but you still need to work once comments roll into your page. You should still jump in on the conversation from time to time.

2) Give Previews

When watching a show, what makes people keep watching or tune in next week? Cliffhangers. They leave people with questions and craving more information as soon as possible. It is easy to get people talking about your brand on social media. Followers can quickly share the content with friends and who doesn’t love a little mystery?

One way to work this into your marketing strategy is through pictures.  Pictures on social media capture a lot of attention – tweets with images get 18% more click-throughs than those without. Pictures are visually-pleasing and are to the point. How can you give followers a taste of something without giving away the whole idea?

Consider zooming in on a new pattern and leaving customers guessing. What do they think you’re up to next? Is this a picture of the latest must-have pattern on a scarf? A skirt? A sweater? The suspense can be killer!

Zoom in on fabric to build follower suspense

While you wait to reveal the answer, ask your followers to share their guess! Tell them when you’ll announce the answer so they know you won’t keep them guessing forever.

A single post about a product can attract a lot of attention. One customer asked her followers about what they believe to be the color of a pair of shoes.  The tweet received engagements in the thousands in 24 hours. While this is an extreme case, it shows people enjoy sharing opinions.

3) Provide Unique and Helpful Tips

Life can be stressful so who doesn’t love advice from those who know what you’re going through? It’s even better when it’s free! How many times have you spent hours looking for help on one particular issue? After searching, you finally find a resource that seems promising but discover help isn’t cheap. This has happened to me too many times, increasing feelings of frustration.

Providing fashion tips is a great way to give followers access to special content. You also come across as a caring, showing customers you think about their feelings and wallets. You want them to feel comfortable yet confident in what they choose to wear. This isn’t always about making another sale but can focus on the power of mixing and matching.

Followers can be a great resource to help other followers as well as attract new ones! Encourage your followers to post pictures of themselves wearing items they bought from your store.

By asking followAsk followers take pictures in clothingers for help, you will get content no other brand can duplicate.  People can choose to market new items you haven’t focused on yet.  They might even match new and old items from your store if they’ve been shopping there for a while.  Create a unique hashtag people can use when sharing a picture so others can easily find all of the tips.


4) Offer Special Rewards

Where would you be without strangers willing to try out your brand and follow you on social media? What about those who agreed to sign up for your mailing list? Admit it – definitely not as far as you are right now.

Even if you have high-quality items, it doesn’t mean that people will always line up to buy them. High-quality items can be pricey and people might need to find cheaper choices.

Therefore, show your loyal followers some extra love and attention! Help those who got you where you are today. You could just say thank you, but how can you show them you’re thankful?

Give followers discounts off of products

Everyone loves getting rewards especially when they don’t expect it. Consider giving discounts only they can use to shop. You can send a coupon that people need to print out or show on their phone to redeem. You could also send a special code so that they could shop from the comfort of their home. This can keep customers coming back because it makes high-quality fashion they love a more reasonable price.

Spending money to get the attention of your audience isn’t necessary all the time. Rather, think about what you personally enjoy and want from brands that you follow online.

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