Andy Crestodina is a co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Orbit Media, an award-winning 38-person web design company in Chicago. For over 17 years, Andy has been giving web strategy and marketing advice to thousands of websites while also speaking at large marketing conferences and writing for big marketing blogs. As an expert in content marketing, Andy teaches his audience about a variety of interesting marketing topics through his Podcast, Content Matters. Listen as Andy offers his top five tips for how to first get into content marketing, along with his own success story for how to use SEO to grow your brand’s overall online visibility and presence.

Content Marketing Expert

Podcast Highlights:

Andy gives us a brief introduction to what qualifies him as a content marketing expert and discusses in detail his web design company, Orbit Media (1:08)

Andy shares with us his “Headline hack” for how to increase your content’s visibility within googles search engine results, and steps you can take to increase shares and click-throughs on your online content (8:16)

As people in business, we know the importance of networking and making connections, something Andy stresses heavily when discussing the importance of collaborating with others to increase the traffic on your content and give yourself more authority on a certain topic (10:58)

Learn how you can reach out to Andy for any questions you may have, or for any of your future web design needs, and information on where you can find his book “Content Chemistry” (15:57)

What you will learn:

Listen to Andy’s top five tips for how to first get into content marketing:

Starting with knowing what your audience wants to hear about (2:03),
Then using that to create a content marketing mission statement (3:37)
Which will guide the key phrases you will use when creating content to ensure greater online visibility (5:35)
While helping your SEO efforts by building relationships with other people who also create content, because for SEO it matters who is linking to you and mentioning you (10:48)

Andy shares with us the importance of using sixty character titles when creating online content, and how to format the header of your next post for increased online visibility (9:03)

Becoming an authority and well known within a certain topic or field can be done through a variety of SEO tactics and by creating the right content, something Andy discusses at length when asked about the SEO software Yoast (12:12)

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