Lynee Ruiz has been a hair and makeup artist for over four years, and as in expert in her field, she is represented by the highly regarded Ford Artists of Chicago. She works with models/celebrities for advertising and editorial projects, and during New York Fashion week you can find her working on the hair team behind the scenes. Find out how Lynee went from a small time hairstylist to a successful makeup artist and her advice for those looking to break into the fashion industry. As an entrepreneur in her own right, there is a lot to learn from Lynee about the trials and tribulations people face when trying to start their careers, and for the next eleven minutes, you get to hear Lynee’s journey from local hairstylist to a big-time make-up artist, and sometimes an editorial genius.

Podcast Highlight

Lynee is the go-to makeup artist for Ford models, and a social media expert in her own right as her art is often at the center of any advertisement or marketing campaign. Hear more about who exactly Lynne’s clients are, and her role in creating a variety of different advertisements (0:52)

Looking to grow as a hairstylist after ten years, Lynee began to successfully blog for a local magazine in Wisconsin where she discussed all things beauty. Listen to Lynee talk about her journey from hairstylist, to blogger, and then finally to a successfully employed makeup artist with one of the biggest modeling agencies in the world, Ford (1:41)

Find out where you can go to see Lynee’s art, and how she uses her craft to bring glamorous looks to life like never before (2:37)

When you have to be in New York one week, and then Miami or Chicago the next, life can become very hectic as a traveling Ford make up artist, and no one knows this better than Lynee. Hear what the first hour of her day is like, and how she copes with having to commute across cities to get to her next client on any given week (6:12)

Lynee gives us insight on which celebrity client has been her favorite to work with for the past four years, and why (8:15)

Find out where you can go to see Lynee’s work, and how you can reach out to her or her agency to book her for your next photo shoot! (10:10)

What you will learn

Take a page from Lynee’s playbook and learn how she pursued her dreams and used her skills to create her killer portfolio, eventually leading her to her main goal: getting a job as a makeup artist at the Ford Modeling agency (1:45)

Learn from Lynee about what inspires the beautiful makeup and hair looks she creates for a variety of editorial and advertising shoots, and she gives us insight on how in control she is of her her own art as she is often given the liberty to do a lot more than just makeup (2:57)

Lynee shares with us tips and advice for those in our audiences who are looking to begin or have already begun their journey into the fashion world ( 3:48)

When starting a new career, there are always lessons to be learned along the way. Lynee’s uses her own life experiences to discusses what lessons she has learned while it’s Ford, and why judging a book by its cover is tempting, but often times the wrong thing to do (4:40)

Laugh along with Eric and Lynee as she recounts all of the self-set goals she has met in 2017, and the one she is still improving on as the year and her career move into the new year (7:22)

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