Giving back to those most in need is something Monika has been doing for over five years now since she began her company, Give back box. On a mission to help homeless people get the essential pieces of clothing while helping keep things like clothing, textiles, and boxes out of landfills, she thought of a business concept where she turned recycling and clothing the less fortunate into a company. Backed by organizations like Overstock, Amazon, Loft, REI, Levi’s, Asics, Ann Taylor, Bon-Ton, Viva Terra, Ecru, Bonobos, Scrubs & Beyond, eBags, Lou & Grey and Cherry Mad, Monika’s company has truly created a new method of waste diversion while helping connect thousands of people in need with donations from all around the United States.

Podcast Highlights:

Monika tells us about herself and her company and tells us all about how she got to where she is today (0:58)

Listen to Monika’s story of trial and triumph as she talks about how she  learned to use her entrepreneur spirit to survive her move to America from Poland at a young age with almost no money and little understanding of English  (2:24)

The concept of helping others can sometimes be lost in the fast-paced environments we live in. However, Monika tells us about the day that changed her life forever and convicted her that she needed to do something to “change the world”  like Blake Mycoskie was  doing with his shoe company, Toms (3:12)

Monika shares with us one thing  she wished she knew before starting her own business  (7:01)

Find out how you can learn more about Monika and her from company, and how you can keep up with her on a daily basis through her various social media platforms ((9:23) (11:52)

Monika shares with us the best piece of advice she has ever revived throughout her career, and surprisingly enough it is something that will help you in both your personal and professional life (10:04)

What you will learn:

Hear Monika tell us the story about how her  donation company “Give Back Box”  has turned changing the way America donates and recycles into a career (1:20)

Monika touches upon her start in  fashion when she discusses the successful shoe company that up to a few years ago, she also ran herself (5:53)

Being creative and constantly having ideas is one of the most important characteristics a person can have according to Monika. Learn why she wishes that  one of her habits was to be able to constantly create new things and come up with new ideas, and how this habit can benefit you as an entrepreneur in any field (6:12)

Get advice from Monika for a happy life when she answers Eric’s; question:  “If you could go into the future and tell your older self one thing, what would it be?” (9:08)

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