Facebook Live: The Next Frontier in Digital Fashion Marketing


Everyone knows how big social media has become for connecting with friends and expressing opinions. But did you realize how important having a social media presence can be for growing your digital brand?


For example: what if we told you that you could be advertising your products on live broadcasts for the whole online community to see? What if you could personally reach out to viewers in real time, answering questions about your latest styles or offering perspective on hot fashion trends to hungry consumers?


One of Facebook’s newest applications—Facebook Live—offers you the opportunity to do just that.


Facebook Live

Originally launched back in August 2015 for select audiences only, Facebook Live is now available to everyone. And that’s excellent news for those who want to want to be more interactive with their followers.


With just the push of a button, Facebook users can broadcast themselves live from anywhere at any time for any reason. And, starting a year ago, Facebook has started placing greater priority on the popularity of Live broadcasts, pushing them to the forefront of peoples’ news feeds.


As such, if you’re trying to catch peoples’ attention with your newest fashion creations, there’s no better time than now to use Facebook Live and jump to the top of everyone’s screens.

Engage your Followers

Engage your Audience like Never Before

For the longest time, social media primarily revolved around text and pictures. But in the end, who doesn’t love a good video? Facebook Live gives you the opportunity to reach through the screen and engage with followers like never before. In the realm of digital fashion marketing, taking advantage of this can help grow your consumer base dramatically.


On one hand, you’ll be able to keep your current followers up to date on your latest products and styles, drumming up excitement among your existing community. And on top of that, you’ll have added the chance to make an impression on people who might not even know about your brand or haven’t been sold on it just yet. Everyone—old customers and new—can view your broadcasts on the same feed when they view their normal updates from friends and family. Plus, if you market your products using the right keywords, they might even be able to find out about your product via a quick Facebook search. And if you play your cards right and people love your product and keep sharing your video, you might even end up trending.


Perhaps one of the biggest draws of using such an application is the ability to appeal to customers directly when marketing your product.


First off, you’ll be able to see the reactions (likes, loves, laughs) pouring onto your screen in real time during your broadcast, giving you a live look at how everyone feels about your product. Getting a chance to see right away what people think of your brand can help future broadcasts and give you an idea of what people are hungry for as far as products.


Next, you’ll also have the ability to engage with customers in real time during the broadcast in a more personal way than through email or standard social media messaging programs. In addition to being able to see emoticons, any comments left by viewers can be viewed immediately on the Facebook Live feed and read by you. As such, you’ll be able to look at individual questions from your followers and answer them on the broadcast just moments after they ask. An acknowledgment from you might give customers an experience they’ll be sure to remember and may make them more likely to stick with your product in the future!

Tips to Improve your Facebook Live skills

Just like with any broadcast, make sure you advertise your Facebook Live episodes to ensure that viewers check in when you go online. As a rule of thumb, putting out a reminder to your followers to tune in at least a day in advance—and once more before the broadcast goes live—can help people find their way to your marketing pitch.


From there, the floor is yours. Maybe you want to do a short episode detailing the latest fashion trends, including the updated lists of fashion “dos” and “don’t”s. Or perhaps you have some new designs that you’d like to preview for everyone or get some feedback on. Why not put your products on the screen and count the “likes” as your viewers get excited over your new creation? Or maybe you even want to give everyone a taste of what a live fashion show looks like and broadcast live from the Ralph Lauren runway, providing your audience with an insider’s perspective that they can only get if they were there themselves? However, you want to run the show is up to you.


Speaking of which: don’t be afraid to script things out with your broadcast in a way that helps keep the reader invested. Perhaps start off the show with a catchy headline or phrase that tells the audience why they should listen to your tips or why they should check out your latest design. Sketch out little segments in your show that people will gravitate toward, like “Fashion Tip of the Week” or “Hottest Trends in the Fashion World Now”, so that they have a reason to wonder what you have up your sleeve for the next episode. And lead your followers into the show and out of the show with special cues. For example, maybe you can order your broadcast the same way each time so that they know when the show is nearly over. Or, if you like music or sound effects, help guide your viewers in and out of various segments with songs or sounds of your choosing. In short, keep your show creative to keep your audience’s attention, and they’ll be more likely to tune in later.


Also, remember not to be bashful! Both before and after the show, telling your audience how they can subscribe to your Facebook Live feeds (for future viewing), where else they can follow you on social media, and where they can get the products you just showed them. Keep your followers coming back for more, and the payoff could be enormous.


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