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Digital marketing is, without a doubt, a huge driving force behind the fashion industry in today’s world. In particular, brands have begun taking advantage of the vast communities of people on social media to target thousands of potential customers. And if you want to become the next big thing in the fashion universe, you should too.

Creating social media accounts or building a website should be easy enough, but there’s more to it than just having accounts and posting content. Successful online marketing campaigns aren’t built in a day, and they require some strategy to go with a great product.

Here are a few tips, gleaned from some of those well-established brands, that can help you and your fashion brand hit the ground running with a solid digital marketing scheme.

  1. Build your Influence


If you have a fashion blog or even if you don’t, reach out to editors or other bloggers with an already established following. In particular, focus on connecting with people that can direct you to the kind of audience that will be interested in your specific products. As such, always make sure to prepare a booklet or guide for anyone that you reach out to so that they can better know what you are and what you’re about, therefore allowing them to know where to steer you toward the right consumer base. Help them help you! Plus, organizing your marketing strategy for editors will give you practice for when you actually pitch your products to customers.

Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to big names in the fashion industry to see if you can impress them with your work. Finding the right “influencer” to help promote you and your brand can help your popularity skyrocket in no time.

  1. Expand your Horizons


The best part about marketing in today’s digital era? You can pick from any number of ways to market your products, from live video to blogging.


Our advice? Use as many of them as you can get your hands on.

Make sure you have social media pages, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for a start. The value of taking advantage of these immensely popular social media platforms cannot be overstated. Not only can you share text posts and pictures, but you can utilize video applications, like Facebook Live, in order to advertise as well.


On top of that, you can add blogging to the list of ways to build a profile as well. Blogs are easy to start up on sites such as WordPress and are excellent ways of sharing your thoughts with people. Want to tell everyone about your top-five favorite designers? Type up a post and share it on all your social media accounts.


Plus, if you like using video applications, starting your own podcast—either on your own or with a friend—makes plenty of sense too. You can record and post them on sites like SoundCloud or iTunes so that people can listen to them whenever they want, or, like with Facebook Live, you can broadcast your podcast live like a radio show.


There are so many options to utilize that you’ll be sure to gain a following one way or another for your fashion brand. And if you really want to expand, use as many as you can think of.


  1. Keep Your Audience Engaged


Once you’ve gone through the trouble of building a base of loyal customers and followers, you have to work to keep them. That, aside from just reaching new people, is how you can truly grow your brand: make sure the people you’ve already impressed keep coming back for more.


For one thing, interact with your customers on Facebook Live and other social media applications. If people leave your comments or send emails, respond to them. Give them a personal interaction that they will remember, and you may ensure that you’ll have a more dedicated fan base.


Another big way to entice customers is to make your products seem accessible to them by using visual aids, like style guides. Show people who your items might look like if they were wearing them. Take photos of yourself or others modeling your gear, and give your audience a chance to picture themselves with your accessories, clothes, or jewelry on.


Also, promote your products heavily at gift giving times of the year, like Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. Whenever a holiday rolls around, people will be looking to get presents for loved ones. When they’re out ready to buy, you should be ready with something to sell them. And if you have birthday information for your customers, shoot them an email with a special birthday promotion or gift opportunity from your brand.


  1. Never Give Up on Potential Customers!


Now, just because you have a growing following with your brand doesn’t necessarily mean people will be snapping up your products right away. Getting people to commit can take a little effort.


If you want to maximize your conversions, you’ll have to show a little bit of persistence sometimes.


While not being too aggressive, stay after your customers and encourage them to follow through with purchasing your products. If you notice that someone hasn’t committed to a subscription for someone, shoot them a follow-up email or two. In particular, if you’re offering a discount for a product, give customers multiple chances to take their shopping cart to the checkout aisle. And be sure to let them know that your great deals won’t last forever!


In some cases, you can even “re-target” customers on social media as well. One such example is using “Custom Audiences” on Facebook and Instagram especially. You can insert a contact list—say, people who have liked your brand’s Facebook page—to create a custom audience that you can send messages and ads to. This can help you target people who have already shown an interest in your product, therefore making it more likely that a few of them might finally follow through in buying a product.


Furthermore, you can also utilize the “Lookalike Audience” lists to target people that are similar to your existing brand base and potentially add more people to your interested list.


  1. Show People What Makes You Unique


There are lots of brands and marketing strategies out there in the world to compete with. The key is to make sure you have something that makes you stand out.


Create a unique story and around you and your brand that compel people to give you a second look. Tell your audience what special techniques you use to make your products or what materials you might use that no one else does. Let people know what your motivations and goals are and why you, and therefore your brand, deserve their attention. After all, you’ll be selling your mission statement and singular style as much as the products that you make.


Don’t just aim to be another fashion brand. Aim to be THE fashion brand.


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