Susan found a niche in the fashion blogging world when she discovered that there lacked a forum for women over fifty, like her, to discuss the style and fashion trends that they love. She began blogging about her life, love for fashion, and her many trips across the world, leading her to gain over ten thousand followers on Instagram alone. Listen to how Susan grew her blog and Instagram following, and how she continues to drive her brand’s success in this new world of social media marketing.

Podcast Highlights
Susan discusses her former career in the commercial administration field, her love for family, and what she is currently up to in the blogging community (:28)

Enjoy listening to Susan discuss how she stumbled upon writing as a hobby, and how this ultimately led to her successful brand and career in fashion blogging (1:35)

Susan Highlights her blog’s name and the inspiration behind its French origins (2:55)

Susan gives us insight on how she has grown the traffic on her blog and her strategy for gaining over ten thousand followers on Instagram alone (6:10)

Susan dives deeper into her recent trip to Italy and how this has influenced the type of travel content she has posted on her Instagram (7:25)

Enjoy Susan answer One-minute mindset questions as her and Eric discuss her morning routine, her advice to new bloggers, and the site she uses to publish her blogs (9:03).

Susan gives us her contact information and the name of her fashion blog (11:56).

What you will learn:

Being able to identify and becoming a missing voice in a certain industry can be career changing. Listen to why Susan began a blog that catered to women of a particular age, and how this has grown her following tremendously throughout the last ten years (1:40)

Susan tells us her secrets behind the professional images on her website and Instagram while sharing tips with us for how you can create your own beautiful images from home (4:16).

Once you have grown your following, the pressure for what images are right for your website and social media platforms grows. Learn from Susan about how she handles this pressure and how it influences the content she creates everyday. (5:16)

Susan teaches us from her own experience why a set schedule might be the best way to set up your day, and all of the things she wished she knew before becoming a fashion blogger (9:48)

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