Five Inspiring Women You Should Get To Know

Men dominate the world. While that’s true, it doesn’t mean that women don’t play a key role in shaping world events. TED Talks show that the best revenge is an influential or successful woman.

Women are born multi-taskers, creatives, great with details and able to collaborate effectively with their piers. While the glass ceiling may still be in place after last years’ U.S. election, there are many gains for which to be proud.

As a result of the worlds’ inequities, even the most successful women need a pick me up sometimes. Consider Hillary Clinton post election 2016. She was so close, yet so far. One of the best ways to learn from other successful women in the world is to explore the world of TED Talks.

TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a media corporate that posts free videos that are influential and inspirational. The videos are by speakers from around the globe who focus on a wide array of  topics. TED Talks cover education, business, science, technology, creativity, and life.

Inspiration and Perspiration

The old adage is that success is 90 percent perspiration and 10 percent inspiration. TED offer some world class inspiration. Get acquainted with the ladies of TED. These women offer a wealth of experience, street smarts and interesting perspectives. These women include:

1. Leila Hoteit

Leila Hoteit is a professional woman of Arab decent. In Leila Hoteit’s Ted Talk, she shows us how Arab women have had to work even harder to achieve success amongst men than their Western counterparts. Can you have a family and a career? She explores how you can have it all in a world that expects women to stay home and raise a family.

Breaking The Glass Ceiling

As a result of the election, Hillary Clinton came so close to breaking the Glass Ceiling that the top of her head is flat. Coming close to the presidency last year and not achieving success must have been maddening for her. There are lessons to be learned from the political arena that can be applied to the business world as well. The first ever female Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, is one of politics’ most influential women.

2. Madeleine Albright

An outspoken supporter of women’s rights, Madeleine Albright left a mark on the political landscape. A feminist at heart, Albright feels that women’s issues are a major concern in government. Albright’s TED Talk is an intimate and humorous look into U.S. politics and how women help shape world events and create change.

Hollywood Revolution

3. Naomi McDougall Jones

Movies shape our thoughts, views and how we approach life. Movies today are made for and by men. There is a huge opportunity to create female oriented films. Jones explores in her TED Talk how movies about women can help change societal norms. Her inspirational story of how she funded, and helped to create a film made for and about women succeeded and won many awards. Jones suggests that women can play many important roles. These roles are for both in front of and behind the camera.

Iceland’s Meltdown

4. Halla Tomasdottir

After the financial storm experienced by Iceland that began in 2007, her company Audur Capital took action. Tomasdottir’s TED Talk  discovers how her company believes that if change is going to happen, it needs to come from the inside. Tomasdottir believes that “feminine values” should be applied to financial services. She feels that they create balance and helped to solve her country’s problems. Operating and governing not only by the spreadsheet, but by the heart and soul as well.

Enough Is Enough

5. Gretchen Carlson

In her TED Talk, Gretchen Carlson, stands up and speaks out about sexual harassment in the workplace. Her experience and personal story has helped to inspire women across the country to speak up about their experiences. In light of recent events involving Hollywood directors and A-list celebrities, Carlson’s story is even more powerful than ever.

“We will no longer be underestimated, intimidated or set back.” —Gretchen Carlson

These five women represent a variety of industries. From Financial Services and Government to Film and Television, they tell wonderful stories that move us all. As a result, these TED Talks are not only informative, but they are inspirational. Some days we all need a little lift. The insight, wisdom and experiences they share, can only help to lift up women everywhere. What’s your story?


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When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Get Tough
This explores five courageous women who's stories are inspirational to women everywhere.

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