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Viveka von Rosen known as the LinkedIn expert has published three books and holds conferences explaining the importance of self-advertising.  She cofounded Vengreso a company that provides professionals the help they need to boost their branding.


How did she come to be known as the LinkedIn Expert, was it a conscious career choice? “I wish it had been that clear. I realized LinkedIn was a great business tool. It was a combination of opportunity and luck.” Although she may have stumbled into this job she’s surrounded herself with people who support her. She came to the conclusion that if Mari Smith could market herself on Facebook she could do it with LinkedIn. There was a turning point, after writing her first book she felt that she’d gotten the authority that she needed. With that came the possibility of meeting Bob Burg and Mari Smith, big names in the industry.

Entrepreneurs today have so many resources that can help jump-start their career. Through these organizations, they learn the right from wrong, which increases their rate of success in a competitive industry. For Rosen, there was no such thing at the time. There was Mashable and Social Media Examiner, there wasn’t much to start. “When I wrote my book there was only a few people on LinkedIn. That gave us the chance to start getting recognized. It helped legitimize the industry.”

Job Hunt

Creating a LinkedIn page is just as easy as creating a social media page, but it seems that it’s not advertised by professors or employers. “It’s interesting, having a LinkedIn page is key. 98% of recruiters go to LinkedIn to find candidates.” It’s important to begin using it before graduation. It’s better to reach out to companies and connect with them before you’re searching for a permanent job. Look for the possibility of getting an internship or volunteering, it gives a great impression. Remember to have a professional headline, “Most people forget or ignore the headline section and it’s very important.” Add a background picture that is relevant to the work that you are looking for. Upload a professional photo, “no selfies or cropped pictures from a party. Be professional, first impressions matter.”

Use the summary sections 2,000 characters to write about why they should hire you and what companies you might have worked with. In the experience, section include achievements, entrepreneur projects, and publications. Add media, PowerPoint presentations, portfolios, and links to work you might have done. “Take a few hours to create a profile, it’s quite obvious when someone did it in a rush. A good profile takes time.” Recruiters can see who’s available and a job opportunity likely comes down to what you have written. Keywords can put you way ahead of the competition.

SEO isn’t just for websites; keywords are important for every cite. “The outreach could be immediate, recruiters are looking all the time.” Find companies that you want to work for and reach out. Find that gateway person. “It’s a great first step, do it before you graduate not when you’re desperate. Entrepreneurs, need to be using LinkedIn to find funding, partners, vendors and potential employees.”

Rosen sent me some links to professionals who use LinkedIn in all the ways that she recommends. She recommended reading through Danny McCorkle’s page, he uploaded a PowerPoint giving tips on teaching students to use social media for personal branding.

A Business Page

Rosen has over 50 articles published on her page, her most recent one “6 Ways to Build Your Local Business with LinkedIn” mentions many of the things I’ve written. Business profiles are different than personal ones. A personal page is always the foundation. A business owner should always create a personal profile before making one for their business. Company pages are more like a brochure. There is no real engagement with these pages. “First, make a personal page, then a company page to reflect the culture of your business.” Your page should give a potential employee, customer, or influencer a clear idea of what your company is about. As mentioned above, make sure to fill out every section.

Rosen has some great articles on her blog on ways to sell on LinkedIn without being obnoxious and over presumptuous of customers needs. Connecting with customers and keeping track of their profiles is a great way to interact with them. This gives you the advantage of being able to offer your services again because you’ve built a connection with them. Rosen’s latest book “101 Ways to Rock Your Personal Brand” goes into more detail on creating a successful profile which can lead to a successful brand. Social media platforms have different ways to make their posts searchable, Twitter and Instagram have hashtags but in the end, it’s all the same across all platforms. Keywords are so important. It’s a great way of getting new customers and making your brand easily searchable.

What are you doing wrong?

Most of us have created a LinkedIn page but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all good. What are some mistakes that users should be aware of? Ignoring sections make a profile look incomplete, every section is vital for a recruiter or potential customer. Having a bad profile is very easy to do and it happens a lot. You shouldn’t try to whip something up in fifteen minutes. “Clearly a selfie isn’t appropriate as a profile picture, you should not have an image that isn’t professional. You don’t have to go out and pay for headshots, just keep it professional.” Not being proactive with your page can lead to some problems.

Your profile should always be up to date. Experience gets more clicks, add an example of your work. Connecting your blog, YouTube, and other social media to your LinkedIn is a great way of giving examples of your work and also a great way to keep it active.

Helpful organizations

Combining your resources is a great way to get the most outreach. Glassdoor is a great resource to not only look for jobs but to promote your brand. They even offer a free employer account and quote where an up and coming business can market to the potential employees who may be researching their area. Use Facebook’s Workplace feature, it’s similar to Glassdoor and LinkedIn. Companies can go live and share their conference or meeting with another branch or employees. It gives companies the ability to collaborate together. Just like Facebook Messenger employers and employees can easily chat with each other.

The up and coming social media site Bebee is great for writers and creators. Bebee allows people to showcase their work so that they can create a personal brand that will appeal to potential employers. HubSpot is also a great resource for marketing and sales. “Use any website or blog that is focused on your industry.”


Rosen often holds industry-specific conferences for companies that feel they need getting more of an outreach. Her ideal client is directors, salesmen, VP marketing or CEO’s because they have ideas of the direction they want to take their company. There are all kinds of conferences, everyone’s needs are different. Businesses usually focus on the economic gain; they can achieve if they open a LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn Conference, Viveka Von RosenShe’s frequently asked, “How can LinkedIn get me more business” or “How can I make LinkedIn work for me.” LinkedIn is about selling yourself. As a business owner, you’re trying to sell products. To make that happen, you should have a good profile and focus on your audience. “You can’t be everything to everyone, you need to focus in on your key market.” Market your profile as a resource, share helpful tips that can help new business owners. Strategically reach out to people who can help you grow your business.

Although the site is for marketing the first message to a potential employer should not be a sales pitch. You should be conscious of how you can help them, not the other way around. “It’s always a give when you’re reaching out to people.” Many people think that millennials are unwilling to work hard or hold a job for more than six months, prove them wrong. Don’t become discouraged when reading articles that say starting a company is hard or that getting a job in your field will never happen.

Be committed. Address concerns. Follow up with emails, phone calls, meet with your customers. Impress your clients. Learn these simple skills and you can be a great competition for other companies. There are more resources than ever before.

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