1. Subscriptions

    Most customers have a select amount of brands that they are willing to get weekly emails from and if your brand is lucky enough to be on that subscription list take full advantage. Emails are a great way to keep customers in the loop of the latest products. It’s important to send enough emails that they’ll want to stop by your store but not too many that they’ll want to unsubscribe. More than three emails a week may be too much for most customers. Although customers may commit to your brand there is no need to send an email every day. You want them to be aware of your brand not annoyed when they see your name in their inbox. Sending emails at the beginning and end of deals is a great way to encourage customers to stop by.

            New customers should be appreciated and should be welcomed immediately. Most brands offer some sort of discount for signing up for their emails which is a great incentive. The first week is very important, it has been shown that 41% of brands do not send any messages within the first 48 hours. This does not leave a good impression. Here are some pointers on how to make your welcome emails interesting and engaging.

    •      Are your social media accounts easily accessible?
    •      Does it give customers an incentive to make their first purchase?
    •      Do the emails include the customer’s name?
    •      Is it clear who the sender is and is the subject line interesting enough to open?

    Example of Email Promotion

  2. Coupons

    Everyone loves a good coupon and it’s a great incentive to get new customers to take some time out of their day to stop and check out your store. Although acquiring new customers is more expensive than maintaining existing customers, coupons are a great way of turning your new followers into paying customers.  It also seems important to give loyal customers perks. Getting new or old customers through the door with a coupon can lead to more purchases.

    Making them feel like you appreciate them for their loyalty is important. A special deal for their birthday, discounts after accumulating a certain amount of points, the first look at new products or the ability to pre-order products before anyone else. It’s also a great idea to send your loyal customer a coupon for not only themselves but also for a friend. Shopping with a friend is always more fun than going out alone and you can gain a new customer.

  3. Catalogs

    Although we are in the digital age, catalogs are a great way of putting together a style guide so that customers can get styling ideas. Sending a catalog for every season is a great way to let customers know what the new trends are and that your store’s layout has changed. It might be time to stop by and take a look. Plus, isn’t there something so satisfying about looking through catalogs and circling everything you want? Doesn’t it seem more likely that customers that are willing to have their mailboxes stuffed with catalogs are more likely to be longtime customers?

  4. Customer Service

    Although online shopping may be easier, some people still prefer that face to face contact and it’s important to make sure they have the best experience. Most of the problems that customers face are easily fixed but it’s important that when faced with a difficult customer or problem that workers stay professional. A customer who has a bad experience can influence hundreds of people. Especially with apps like Yelp and Google Reviews. It seems that a lot of people don’t go to new places without looking up reviews. How likely are customers to visit your restaurant when the latest review has one star? Are customers going to stop by your nail salon if it has three stars overall?

    It’s also important to be easily accessible on social media sites. Often times customers will turn to Twitter or Facebook in hopes of getting faster responses from customer service. Whether it be from airlines or fast food restaurants it’s important to make your customers feel like the top priority, especially when there could potentially be thousands watching.

  5. Range

    Brands should always be evolving while keeping their new and old customers in mind. Can brands afford to stick to their old ways? Just recently Tiffany & Co. was struggling to keep up. Companies that focus on a particular type of customer and turn away others are finding themselves in a similar situation. Often times, to get out of these tough spots brands decrease their prices or become endorsed by celebrities to regain their relevance. If your brand’s known for something specific it may be harder to engage customers with new products when trying to revamp your brand.

    Brands should try to be as diverse as possible with their products. It’s important to broaden your demographics not just for marketing purposes but to create a change in the world. Many brands who have attempted to portray diversity but have received a large amount of criticism and backlash. If a brand attempts to be diverse in the first place, it should be done right. Think of all the backlash Pepsi’s “unity” ad received with the millions of views it received on Twitter and YouTube. Women no longer identify or relate to skinny white women. Brands that legitimately celebrate diversity often times get praised. Whether a brand is advertising diversity or not, it’s likely that they’ll appear on Twitter’s trending page. Customers perception of your brand can change very quickly depending on what Twitter users have to say. Customers love a brand that has a good reputation. Last year Mars Chocolate UK ran a series of ads that shined a spotlight on people with disabilities. It proved to be one of their most successful advertising campaigns.

  6. Staple Items

    Although it’s important to stay on trend and have the latest fashion it’s also important to stick to the basics. What product drew in the most customers? What do your loyal customers love? Why do they keep coming back for? Can they find it somewhere else? It’s always best to keep customers favorite items in stock. If brands like MAC Cosmetics ran out of your favorite lipstick how many times would you be willing to stop by before giving up? It’s always a plus when customers can count on their favorite item always being in stock.

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