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Although Instagram and Snapchat have similar uses, Instagram seems to have a clear advantage when it comes to marketing fashion. For example, how many people are there that go to Snapchat’s Discover feature hoping to read something other than the latest juicy gossip? Snapchat’s Discover tab is filled with the latest stories that display to a smaller audience because of interactive apps like Twitter and Instagram. 

People go to Instagram to look for fashion inspiration because of popular trends and hashtags like #OOTD (outfit of the day). Instagram is catering to their massive audience who want easily accessible entertainment and inspiration. It’s likely that consumers are looking at your Instagram page to get a sense of your brand’s style.  

Giving your customers the opportunity to see what a product looks like on someone other than a model is a great opportunity. Creating hashtags for your products is a great way to get positive feedback from customers who have bought the product. If they love it so much why wouldn’t they post a selfie with it? These hashtags are also a great way to engage your audience, which can potentially bring in more customers. Keep your brand relevant and easy to find.

Instagram has made it so incredibly easy to tag brands not only in pictures but also in Instagram stories. Instagram gives verified accounts the opportunity to include the “Swipe Up” feature which leads users to the product. The more direct the ad is, the better. Customers are more likely to swipe up knowing that the product they are looking for will be easily accessible when the bar loads.  

Snapchat shows more general ads and although it may tell you to “Swipe Up” it often times doesn’t take users to the actual site. Thanks for the 30-second video but we’d rather get a link to those cool new Adidas you’re trying to sell us.

How effective is a sponsors lense? Are people using the Goldfish ad for anything other than a laugh? How many people are actually going out and buying their products? Although Snapchat is great at engaging users to use these silly lenses how much is the company profiting? Does a lens for Maybelline really make consumers want to go out and buy the product?

Personalized Ads

YouTuber Safiya Nygaard did a great experiment with Snapchat and Instagram, among other platforms, in which she scrolls through the app and buys the first five things they advertise. She points out some of the things mentioned above. Snapchat just doesn’t know enough about the user to give them personalized ads. Only two out of the five ads relate to her based on the information that users enter when creating an account, such as gender, birthdate, and email. 

With Instagram, Safiya mentions that some of the ads that appear are of products she already has or has considered buying. Each item advertised was geared towards her demographic. Although the ads aren’t very frequent the app looks at users browser history in order to give the best suggestions. Instagram also gives users the option of hiding ads that they do not find relevant.

Based on Snapchat’s Advertising Policies they choose which advertisements appear, not the algorithm. Is buying ads from Snapchat’s sales team holding advertisers back? Companies that wish to buy ad space decide how much they are willing to pay for every thousand times their ad shows.

Companies are taking a gamble in hopes that their ads will increase their popularity but in the end, Snapchat wins. No matter the outcome, Snapchat gets paid up front. Why would companies pay a ridiculous amount of money when there is no guarantee that their users will go up? Ultimately Snapchat is hoping to find a middle ground for what could be a big marketing problem. 

Snapchat is trying to push away from the ‘creepy’ advertising that most platforms use. Maybe a customer was looking to buy a new purse but decided against it. It would be nice not to see that beautiful purse follow them around the internet. Snapchat is hoping to avoid the marketing tactic that most platforms use with their new Snap Engagement Audiences. This marketing strategy hopes to not only draw in new customers but to keep them coming back.

Stick to What You’re Known For

Instrgram Live, SmartphoneIn general, Instagram has everything that Snapchat has but better. Instagram stories are at the top of users feeds and ads appear throughout, visible and engaging. Meanwhile, Snapchat has moved its Discover tab below users stories which decreases the likelihood that users are scrolling far enough to read what Buzzfeed is posting. Snapchat is aware of what their purpose is for their audience, easy access to their friend’s stories. 

Instagram has a broader use for their audience. Hashtags are helpful for up-and-coming writers, artists, and brands. Snapchat is great for getting sneak peeks to your favorite beauty guru’s life but has Instagram not created something similar? Just recently Rihanna was live on Instagram for the launch party of her Fenty Beauty makeup line.

Just like Snapchat, live Instagram videos are available to watch for 24 hours. However, Instagram has the upper hand once again. Brands that wish to interact with their followers can read live comments making followers feel like they are a part of the event.

Can Snapchat compete with Instagram’s marketing strategy? It doesn’t seem so and it’s definitely something to keep in mind for up and coming brands.

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Why Every Fashion Brand Should Be Marketing On Instagram
How many people are there that go to Snapchat hoping to read something other than the latest juicy gossip? Instagram has everything Snapchat has but better.
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