My name is Eric Olson, and I am the host of Digital Marketing authority show. It’s a radio show that lives here on this website. Clever Stilettos is an online resource to empower and embolden women entrepreneurs to strike out on their own and make you an authority with your personal brand.  I know what you’re thinking right now because I get this all the time…


Let’s call out the elephant in the room because other people have asked me this question and I am going, to be frank with you right now. I bet you’re thinking why is there a guy hosting a podcast towards women entrepreneurs? We’re in a 2017 era and who cares what sex is hosting the show? And that’s about all I want to say about that. You’ll find out I do bring on experts that are male and I do not discriminate against sex. I mean if it’s bringing you value and bringing you to your next step to quit your job. Great and that is all that matters!


Clever Stilettos is a resource for women entrepreneurs that might be strapped to their cubicle and wishes to quit their day job and strike it on their own. I am going to bring you resources. I am going to bring you, experts. Male or female… Who cares what sex 😉 Trust me I have received questions about this!


I hope you agree and I know some people are not going to agree with me and that is fine because we are probably not going to be friends anyway if you are living in a 1995 mindset.


Clever Stilettos will have topics on entrepreneurs, articles for inspiration, leadership, marketing, social media, and starting a business. I love entrepreneurship and marketing. Let me tell you that I did a lot of marketing research. It is easier to cut through all of the clutter by niching, and that is what I am doing. I am niching to women entrepreneurs.


I am based in Chicago, and If you do a little research about Chicago and women entrepreneurs, you will find that Chicago is the number one resource for women entrepreneurs. There are more associations for women entrepreneurs in Chicago than other major cities, and that is another reason why I decided to niche it to women entrepreneurs.


I am hoping that I can answer a lot of your questions about entrepreneurship, inspiration, and social media. On the first episode, I will be bringing on Park Howell, and he is an expert on storytelling. I had to get Park Howell onto the show and consult with him. What’s our story? What’s our hero’s journey? Make sure you jump into the first episode with Park Howell. After that, I am going to have Susan Blakely on, Holly Homer, Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin and many more exciting guests.


Thank you for giving me your time and listening to my little rant. But I wanted to educate you about the show and a bit about Clever Stilettos. Welcome to my world. And thank you for joining me.

Welcome to the show!

P.S. The play button is below.


Eric Olson with Ashton Kutcher and Barbara Corcoran

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