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Rihanna’s debut makeup line shook up every makeup brand there is. Have brands started to catch on that their shades may not go dark or light enough for makeup users? Perhaps the heat they’re receiving from makeup wearers is finally making an impact. With the increase in YouTube viewership brands are being critiqued by big influencers who can make or break a product. YouTuber Nyma Tang’s videos reviewing makeup brands like Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty and Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty have blown up. Although she only has 415K followers her videos reviewing these foundations have millions of views.

In her review of KKW Beauty, she heavily critiqued how the “Deep Dark” contour sticks were just not dark enough and were closer to highlighters rather than actual contour colors. Nyma says, “The reason why I’m doing this video, not to bash her but to bring awareness to these kind of situations. Where this contour stick would seem like it completely disregarded us.” She goes on to try the highlighters and mentions that the color is way too light for her skin tone, especially for being “Deep Dark.”

Her review for Fenty Beauty was on the other side of the spectrum. Nyma reviewed the darkest shade “490” and was impressed, like many, that Rihanna’s first launch had such a wide range of colors. “There were girls that looked like me that were able to get matched for it…That’s something I really appreciate.” If a brand is claiming to be all-inclusive they should be, Kim Kardashian fell short.

What are other makeup brands doing wrong?

Is the reason that most brands don’t create darker shades because they are afraid they won’t sell? Although admittedly creating foundations for darker skin tones must be hard because it’s still so new.  Rihanna is certainly putting the pressure on brands to catch up. 

Is the reason that Fenty is so successful because of the brand’s products or because it’s Rihanna’s? Probably both. Rihanna did something that brands like KKW and Kylie Cosmetics were trying to conquer but ultimately failed. It’s like these companies are screaming “Hey! Look at me! I’m doing it too,” meanwhile everyone is rolling their eyes and moving on. Rihanna has raised the bar.  But, Kim K did not fail completely. Just recently Allure Magazine named KKW Beauty’s Crème Contour as one of the best in their 2017 Best of Beauty Awards.

Fenty products not only created darker shades that most makeup lines exclude but she also included lighter than most companies. Along with Nyma Tang’s video, another review went viral on the opposite side of the color palette. Krystal Robertson posted an Instagram picture that drew everyone’s attention. Krystal had finally found a foundation that truly matched her skin tone. Krystal has albinism and used the shade “110” which is the second lightest shade. Fans have taken to Twitter to congratulate Rihanna for being all-inclusive.

Rihanna Isn’t the Only One Creating Change

Fenty isn’t the only brand that reaches out to include every color in the spectrum. When most people think of the word nude they think of pale pinkish colors but that is changing. Naja, a lingerie brand has created “Nude for All,” a collection that includes seven shades for bras and underwear. All customers can think is “Finally! The fashion industry is catching up!” Lingerie blogger Cora Harrington was a bit suspicious. Last year Cora tried the Naja “Nude for All” bra and observed that most of Naja’s nude bras were sold out or on clearance.

Do brands become diverse just to profit on the latest trends? Twitter users seem to think so, especially when Kylie Cosmetics posted a photo of African American singer/model Justine Skye wearing “Brown Sugar Matte”, a nude lipstick for those with a darker complexion, on the same day that Fenty Beauty launched. The tweet has since been deleted.

This wasn’t the first time the Jenner/ Kardashian clan has been called out for trying to profit off recent trends. Fans took to Twitter to make it clear that they were not impressed by makeup companies diverse advertising after seeing the praise Fenty Beauty has received.

Fenty Beauty launched a month ago, yet when looking through the Instagram of Estee Lauder, MAC Cosmetics, and Kylie Cosmetics they’ve already gone back to their old ways. Brands like ColourPop and NYX Cosmetics don’t seem to have changed their Instagram layouts which have been consistently diverse. These brands should be recognized and celebrated not only for their diversity but also for giving us the ability to glow up while being on a budget.

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Are Makeup Brands Celebrating Diversity Just for Profit?

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