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Shopping is Simpler Than Ever

Fashion brands are popular enough to drive sale opportunities on fashion apps. Yes, absolutely, there are apps that you and I can use for fashion. While Google’s confirming and releasing current data, the future of retail exists around mobile. You may or not have noticed, but over 64% of smartphone users turn to the web to conduct online purchases.

As a result, they use mobile to gain ideas and perspectives before they leave their homes to shop. Did you know that one in four mobile video watchers in the United States visit YouTube? It’s one source that helps them in the decision-making process. Although potential shoppers may not always have a desktop, iPad, or laptop available, mobile is the device that’s reachable.

For this reason, smartphones are the main platform connecting users and in-store retailers. It’s the perfect solution to help businesspeople interact with customers directly. In fact, there are three main fashion apps that are underway. On account of this, you can download these apps from the Google play store.

Discovery Platforms

Hence, this platform is here to let users browse for fashion products from a broad range of retailers. The platforms also offer fashionistas endless inspiration as they are community-driven.

By all means, mobile lovers can shop and discover merchandise they never dreamed of purchasing before. Amazingly, these apps show customers goods they didn’t know they desired. And the organizations, they never hold back manage orders, inventory, payment, or shipment.

The Three Apps

ShopStyle and The Hunt are two of the popular discovery apps. Surely, they give shoppers a taste of the best looks from the fashion industry, but that’s not all. The Hook app was another platform they launched. Without doubt, Hook is generating plenty of exhilaration because the app is the first form of Artificial Intelligence to power a fashion engine, and it features a real-time trending feed.

Let explorers stay updated with current runway styles and celebrity appearances. Hook sets itself apart from the rest of the discovery apps. In actuality, this fashion app is the only app users really need.

It comes with a search function and a rare snap, allowing you to upload photos from your mobile device as a means to search for similar styles and fashion. To summarize, we can see consumers falling in love with this feature and so much more. For startup designers interested in joining the fashion industry, here are three amazing tips to get you started.

Fashion Marketing Advice

1). Show Off Your Stuff
If you need fashion marketing pointers, rest assured, you have stayed in the right place. We pooled together three fabulous marketing and fashion ideas just for you. Needless to say, showing off your trend or look of the day should be displayed on a fashion blog. Designing a fashion blog gives you the opportunity to share your story with the world. Yes, there’s a compelling story behind every unique outfit. Tell readers how you become the designer you are today.

2). Reach Bloggers/ Fashion Editors
Try to send press kits or styling samples to spoken bloggers and fashion editors. What’s the worst that can happen? There’s no harm in trying, right? Press kits and pieces of samples can be described as your attention getter. They just might be an individual’s initial glimpse of your work or product. Make them stand out, and try to make these samples and kits count. Remember that you’re trying to sell yourself, or should I say your brands.

Makethem as fun, creative, and eye-catching as possible. Just make sure these ideas are necessary and irrelevant to your brands. Try to make them as memorable as you can. Use unique images and high definition content to explain that wonderful story of yours. Keep in mind that editors like to spend their time productively. They stay busy and probably look at countless other samples or kits daily.

3). Use Social Media Like a Runway
Many products are discovered and marketed on social networks. You should consider social media channels as one of the best marketing vehicles available. The greatest marketing tactic used to generate profit and build an image starts with taking full advantage of networking channels. Using platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook can open doors of possibilities. You will need social media experience if you expect to take with your new startup company to the next level. Most successful fashion startups create and use online marketing strategies to include their merchandise in more of individuals’ favorite trends and wardrobes.

Granted, these three apps offer both users and brands a win-win predicament. Nowadays, customers can own an app designed to keep the line of communication clear when they communicate with stores directly. In fact, here’s some more great news. These adjustments are starting to crowd the marketplace as well. Furthermore, shopping has never been as simple or easy. Of course, women’s fashion, brands, and even accessories have grown in large amounts. Mobile’s nearly taking the shopping experience to the next level. This is a taste of how popular and powerful fashion apps will become. We had never seen fashion like this before. Fashion apps are definitely a part of our future. Users have been waiting for apps that deliver accuracy, style, and a singular shopping experience that’s better and faster. The industry wants you to evolve and love fashion apps to prepare you for what’s to come.

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Online Fashion Apps
It's time society gets in tuned with fashion apps. This article explains how companies market fashion online and the three main fashion apps in the Google play store. Are these apps likable and popular? What are shoppers' responses or feedback on these clothing and shoe apps?

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