When choosing how to market your business online, there are many different social media outlets out there.  It can be hard deciding which are most worth your time because they will aid your marketing strategy best. If you have not thought about Pinterest yet, you should start now.

If you are going to post content, you want to know people will see it. Otherwise, you probably should consider giving time and effort elsewhere.  Luckily, Pinterest does not fall short in attracting the attention of online users. This social media outlet has seen growth in popularity and recently monthly active users have increased from 25 million to 175 million.

Pinterest Makes Shopping EasyShopping bags

If you want to receive return customers, you need to make sure people have a positive experience. It needs to be easy for people to get exactly what they are looking for quickly. While you can help customers in-store, it can be more challenging to assist online shoppers. However, Pinterest is working to help businesses make sure online customers can shop easily as well.

If customers begin with a general search, Pinterest will suggest details to find better-tailored results. This helps avoid the frustration of searching within a general category for hours.  For fashion, people can search for clothing of a certain style or fabric. Once a customer finds what they want, they can click on the item. This redirects them to the business website to easily buy the item. Conversion rates prove the app is doing something right that keeps customers spending money.

Pinterest is also beneficial for customers that like to shop around.  The ability to create boards is handy for saving ideas for later rather than taking a screenshot on one’s phone.  If a customer needs to decide among items from different brands, it is easy to compare. There may be results for brands that customers may not have known about, which would increase business awareness. People will remember your name because they saved an idea from your page.

Organization and Search Features

Man searching with binocularsSimilar to other social media outlets, Pinterest allows businesses to show off their visual content. However, this outlet also keeps everything very organized. As a business owner, take complete advantage of these tools to show everything you offer to customers! Create boards that separate shoes from purses or men’s and women’s clothing. This is a great way to make customers only have to search through content that is relevant to them.

Rather than just including a picture of a product,  you can include several other details. For example, you can write a short description that will appear under the product’s picture. Other details that can be added include the cost of the product and your return policy.

For best results, remember to keep your presence relevant.  When new products come in for the season, create a new board. This will keep customers engaged looking for where they can get the latest trends. While the app is very visual, you can also share content such as blogs. This lets you increase awareness of other content you want people to view.

Pinterest is soon hoping to give users the ability to become even more organized with an addition called Sections. This would allow users to separate boards into smaller parts. If you have a fashion board, you could separate it into shoes, hats, etc. within the main fashion board.  Users would find this helpful in locating pins they saved earlier in time. Therefore, users can get more use out of ideas they pin overall. Pinterest is easily a creative resource that sets itself apart from other apps for those needing fashion ideas.

Allows Users to Communicate With Others

As with all social media outlets, it is important people engage with you and others. People should feel as though it is easy and they are welcome to share thoughts. Users can follow friends and strangers to browse their pins. This helps them see what others like and find more relevant ideas for themselves.

But what if a customer wants to share a pin with someone who isn’t on Pinterest?  Luckily, those on Pinterest have ways to communicate with those not on the app yet.  If they link their Pinterest to their Facebook, users can send pins to specific people. Users can also share a pin to Facebook or through Facebook Messenger or Twitter. This can build awareness of your brand from a source that people trust, their close family and friends.

typing on computer

Perhaps the most effective feature that can start a conversation about a product is the “Tried It” option. Below pins, this is where people can talk about their experience with the product.  This can help spread the word between those who’ve bought a product and those interested. Consumers can include notes or tips to share with others which makes the platform more social. If you read all great comments about a product, you would probably be more likely to buy it. Similarly, if you were to hear all negative comments, you likely wouldn’t consider that product or brand ever.  Also, consumers have the ability to take a picture of themselves wearing the clothing item with this option as well.

There are many attractive reasons already why businesses should consider making Pinterest a part of their marketing strategy. However, the news of additions keeps the list of benefits growing each day.



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