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Dynamic, hard-working and committed are all words that describe real estate professional and RE/MAX agent, Niki Metropolis. For over 20 years, she has worked hard to act as a guide, mentor and nurturer to her clients. Metropolis prides herself on getting a property listed and sold as seamlessly and painlessly as possible. “Selling your home is one of the biggest, most stressful things a person can do and I work to reduce that stress for my clients.”, said Metropolis.

Collecting and analyzing all the data around a transaction is a key component of the job. Metropolis prides herself on being a “numbers” person, and processes the data. Then uses it to guides her client to make decisions that lead to positive outcomes.

She likes presenting the facts in an understandable way, and letting the client self-discover important parts of the transaction such as features, benefits and price. There has to be a buy-in from the client for a sale to be successful.

Her ability to be a calming voice throughout the process helps to put her clients at ease. Behind the scenes, Metropolis manages all of the many moving parts that result in a sold property. Because of these skills and the hard work Metropolis puts in, many of her clients provide her with invaluable referrals.

Do a Favor and It becomes Your Career

Originally in the audio visual business, Metropolis got her start nearly two decades ago helping a friend find a house in the Chicagoland suburb of Mt. Prospect. A friend in the real estate business noticed. She saw her dedication and passion for the industry. Then asked Metropolis to become a partner with her. She set out on this new direction and obtained her real estate license.

Real estate is an industry dominated by successful and inspirational women. Metropolis believes that women rule this business because of their innate intuitiveness, attention to detail and most importantly their ability to multi-task. Formerly, managing productions at the Mt. Prospect Theater Society, Metropolis learned all aspects of staging a show. Is real estate really any different? It’s like directing a two-act play with a cast and crew that results in the sale of a property.

Working well with others and managing all aspects of the deal are what make a real estate professional successful. Metropolis has demonstrated the ability to build successful relationships. Bonds with lenders, attorneys, brokers, title companies and other professionals. It is all part of the job.

Real estate is so much more than connecting buyers with sellers. It’s getting all the moving parts to work together. A member of BNI (Business Network International), Metropolis spends time networking with professionals of other industries to keep abreast of what is happening in the marketplace. BNI also gives the opportunity to help support her business with referrals from other sources.

Today’s Real Estate Marketplace

Currently, the real estate market is volatile. Even though interest rates have been favorable for some time, the real estate business has been on fire. All aspects of real estate have been fruitful including residential, commercial and even pre-fab homes. Metropolis believes that certain holidays including Thanksgiving and even Mother’s Day make the real estate market jump.

Serving all over the Chicagoland area, Metropolis is an expert. With listings downtown, on the Northshore, in the western suburbs like St. Charles and even as far northwest as Harvard. Metropolis is all over town.

This intensity has affected the rental market as well. Many people are buying again now that that the housing bubble has popped.  Inventory for apartments and other rentals has decreased. This lack of availability has driven the price of rentals up in many markets, “the rental market is outrageous,” said Metropolis.

The Internet and Real Estate

Computers have changed the way Americans shop for everything. As a result, the internet has affected real estate as well. In the beginning, said Metropolis “people weren’t very good at finding accurate information, but today, they are much better at using the internet.” 

With everyone having access to the same information it has leveled the real estate playing field. Better educated clients make better clients.

The Closer

Niki Metropolis has effected positive change in her profession by adding a human component. Spending countless hours representing her clients and sometimes losing sleep over getting their propertys’ sales closed. “There really aren’t enough hours in the day,” said Metropolis of her business.

She focuses on helping her clients arrive at logical and reasonable expectations about their properties and then doing her best to get them sold quickly and painlessly. An ideal property is one that is according to Metropolis clean and organized. A house doesn’t need to be fancy to sell. But, just well put together.

Real estate is a complicated business that transforms with the economy, the political environment and many other uncontrollable factors. But, Metropolis is a survivor. She has put the time in and continues to represent her clients with high standards and with professionalism. This ethos has helped her build a successful woman-owned business that will no-doubt influence women entering the profession.

If you’re considering buying or selling a property, Niki Metropolis is located in the Rolling Meadows RE-MAX office (3215 Algonquin Road) and can be reached at (847) 255-1000.








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