Meet Holly Homer, a loving wife, mother of three, and overnight sensation in the mommy blogging community. Now a Facebook advertising expert, Holly walks us through her journey from blogging as a hobby, to leveraging her online success to build a business focused on running multiple websites. Holly is best known for KidsActivities.com and as co-author of two books: 101 Kids Activities that are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! and The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments. Listen as Holly teaches you how to use Facebook to organically grow your business, and how to properly go about implementing Facebook ads that will go a long way in helping you grow your client base.

Podcast Highlights:

Laugh along with Eric and Holly as they discuss how she became a blogger by accident, and why it is important to follow your passions, even if they begin as hobbies (1:12)

Holly talks about the “Ultimate goal” when it comes to creating successful Facebooks advertisements that create interaction among your content and target audience (7:28)

Get to know more about Holly’s followers, and how she believes her success with Facebook’s advertising comes from knowing what content they like and want to see (12:00)

Bigger isn’t always better, and no one knows that better than Holly who discusses the advantages small business owners have over the big business when it comes to running successful Facebook advertisements.(16:44)

Find out where Holly is active online, and get a list of all of the places you can go to follow her if you have any comments or questions after the podcast (26:00)

What you’ll learn:

Holly teaches us her strategy for how to begin using organic, non-paid Facebook advertising posts as a way to stretch your ad budget and learn what works for your company, with a focus on her motto that “what works free also works paid” in the Facebook advertising world (5:12)

Holly highlights the importance of knowing your target audience when filling your followers Facebook feed with content because it can have a dramatic effect on how they respond to it, and subsequently to who Facebook then decides to also show your posts to as it bases that decision off whether your audience liked, commented or clicked through on your post. (6:05)

Having a Facebook advertising budget is important, and Holly walks us through how she creates hers and the reality that not all of your ads will be a success. (7:38)

Learn about what a “Likes Campaign” can do to help gear your advertisements on Facebook towards the right audience (9:00)

Costs per click on Facebook ads vary from state to state, and even from demographic to demographic. Eric and Holly discuss how this can affect your advertising budget, and in general, the success of your targeted Facebook ads as it becomes cheaper to advertise to people who are already fans of your company, rather than people who have never heard of you. (10:38)

Identifying your objective when running Facebook advertisements is key when measuring whether they are successful or not. Holly gives us an example of how she might measure whether an ad is doing well, including why it important for you to do the same with your business (15:53)

Holly walks us through what to do if your Facebook advertisement or “likes campaign” is not doing well, and the steps you can take to improve future advertisements so that they get a better response by your target audience (19:04)

Learn how you can help Facebook’s algorithm to direct your advertisements to the right audience by uploading a client email list, ensuring you always get the most bang for your buck. (23:04)

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